jefferson hack


A spot of animal: Jefferson Hack

Jefferson Hack knows the value of a good pair of shoes. If animal print men’s shoes seem like too much of a bold statement, you need only see how they work with a pared back, reserved outfit like Hack’s: the shoes are kept as the one point of difference, the one statement breaking from the classic.

The cool couple: Jefferson Hack & Tati Cotliar

The Louis Vuitton fall 2013 show had just as much buzz off the runway as on, particularly with all the models and celebrities (Kate Moss included) ducking out the backstage exit. Rumoured couple Jefferson Hack and Tati Cotilar (who was still in the slicked under-wig hair and runway makeup) made a stylish yet understated exit: Hack proving that stripes for men this year can cover…

Anna Wintour on new media

Anna Wintour has clearly got many a thing right in her career, not the least of which has been the meteoric rise of her profile in recent years. Largely spurred on by a novel-cum-film, Wintour successfully maintained her image despite the fact that The Devil Wears Prada portrayed others such as Grace Coddington as the real heroes behind Vogue. When it comes to new media,…

A patterned Jefferson Hack

I can’t say I completely agree with his choice in sunglasses, but I’ll hand it to Jefferson Hack here all the same: it’s not always an easy task to pull off brown hues, three buttoned suits, nor such a wide variety of patterns, and yet, simply put, he does.

Jefferson Hack heading to Melbourne

2011’s VAMFF (Melbourne Fashion Festival) is certainly shaping up to be precisely as big as the event’s creative director Grant Pearce promised with news today that Jefferson Hack, co-founder of Dazed & Confused, founder of the Another magazines and all round sartorial ace, will be participating in the 2011 LMFF Business Seminar.

Men’s suits: a guide to modern suit styles

Men’s fashion trends are greatly different to women’s. They exist, yes. But their cycle moves much slower. Nowhere is that truer then of men’s suit trends. While there are distinct styles of suits that feature amongst 2014’s fashion trends I should note from the get-go that they’re not unique to the year – in fact, many of the key looks you’ll find in this guide…

Kate Moss tops Tatler’s best dressed list

British magazine, and some-what society bible, has revealed their ‘best dressed’ list and it comes as no surprise to find that our favourite supermodel, Kate Moss, tops it. 1. Kate Moss 2. Jefferson Hack 3. Anouck Lepere 4. Sienna Miller 5. Camille Bidault-Waddington 6. Daphne Guinness 7. Yasmin Le Bon 8. Kate Middleton 9. Johnny Borrell 10. Marie Chantal