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Jessica Alba’s new hair style

In my women’s hair trends feature I purposely left the bob last on my list of hair cut trends for the year; it’s a little tired, a little 07/08, and more than a little common. But that doesn’t stop women the world over going and getting the chop. The latest to join them: actress Jessica Alba, who has paired her bob with a fringe.
Jessica Alba in West Hollywood
Jessica Alba in West Hollywood
Jessica Alba in West Hollywood
Jessica Alba in West Hollywood
Jessica Alba in West Hollywood
Jessica Alba in West Hollywood
Jessica Alba in West Hollywood
Jessica Alba in West Hollywood

One-shoulder clothing trend

Legs and breasts are often a girl’s best fashion accessory, but if neither are your strongest features, or you’re after something a little less cliche but equally sensual, look to your shoulders and indulge in both the backless fashion trend and the one-shoulder / single-shoulder trend. Both are key components of women’s Spring/Summer 2008 fashion trends and Spring/Summer 2009 fashion trends. Trend / Celebrity Updates…

Jessica Alba pregnant: will she be stylish?

Jessica Alba is pregnant… but will she be stylish? OK so it seems like a fairly superficial question. So I’ll start off by saying “congratulations” to Miss Alba on her apparent pregnancy. Being, though, that we’ve been watching the contrasting pregnancy fashions of the ever stylish Nicole Richie and the not so impressive Christina Aguilera with interest, I’ll go back to my original question: will…

Denim trends: wide-leg vs skinny

It’s a known fact that wide-leg jeans and pants have become a trend, and it’s one we’ve watched intently due to the high potential for hits-or-misses. And for the misses, we’ve seen some shocking ones from Lindsay Lohan to Mischa Barton. So is it worth going there, and if so how do you get it right? The main danger with wide-legs is that they’ll look…

When animals attack: Alicia Keys

We’ve seen some decent variations on the animal print trend: from Jessica Alba, to Christina Aguilera in Christian Louboutin’s Rolando heels. Now, observe what happens when the animal print trend goes wrong.

Keeping some mystery with the monokini

For all of our readers on the sunny side of the world, you have no doubt been thinking about summer and which bathers or bikinis to wear as you hit the waves. Well there has been quite a comeback from the “monokini” – a cutout one-piece swimsuit that has the sexiness of the bikini, but leaves a little more to the imagination. There are heaps…

Trend: Leather Jackets

Have you noticed, the leather jacket has gotten sexier and more versatile? A good leather jacket should be able to be worn with anything from a grungy pair of jeans to a cocktail dress. Hooded leather jackets are one particular style that’s taken off, with too many stars to name being snapped wearing the Mike & Chris version. Cropped cuts are also great for right…

Double Trouble for 007

The Olsen Twins have come along way since their days on Full House where they shared the role of Michelle Tanner. They are now reportedly in negotiations to become the first Bond girl twins. The twins are normally known for their acting roles and fashion trend setting, the New York Times having labelled Mary-Kate a fashion icon for establishing the “homeless” look. Now, producers are…

Products to get the Perfect Tan

Jessica Alba has one, so too does Kate Moss in her campaign for Roberto Cavielli. So what is the best way to achieve the perfect tan without having to wreck your skin in the sun? There are several Fake Tan products in the market at the moment, but which one is the best? We tried and tested products from various companies ‚Äì here are the…