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Karen Walker Spring / Summer 2013

Sherbety pinks and cute, cartoonish space prints kicked off Karen Walker’s New York fashion week (NYFW) show. As it progressed it swirled in more of that magical mix of elements Walker is known for: femininity with an edge of masculinity (floaty blouses mixed with cropped slouchy pants and loafers), tailoring vs fluidity, retro reinterpreted as modern. Walker’s spring / summer 2013 collection revelled in its…

Hairstyles for fall 2012: the best trends, cuts and styles

As the warmer nights fade and the days shorten our sense of style will change - and so too will our hairstyles to match. Whether it's for practicality's sake or simply because we crave the refreshing breeze of change, fall / winter 2012 will see new hairstyles and cuts entering our repertoires. And the same can be said for men and women. Read on for a run down of fall 2012's hair trends and styles.

Warm but cool in NY

A cool girl’s way to do warm-yet-stylish: a primitive, pelt-like fur coat provides warmth and volume on top, while the the skinniest of skinny silhouettes on the bottom half keeps it balanced and chic. Even with the addition of masculine accessories – hat, motorcycle boots – the overall feel is confidently feminine. This look was snapped outside Karen Walker’s show at New York fashion week

The formula for Karen Walker cool

Karen Walker isn’t just a designer but a scientist, an alchemist. She knows that effortless cool isn’t created by accident but engineered by a careful formula. Take her pink floral-printed jumpsuit as the defining example. It has a sugar sweet retro pin-up vibe with its bandeau tie at the bust. Did we mention that it’s pink? And floral? Yet the Karen Walker girl would never…