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10 model portraits from Milan: by Marijo Cobretti

As fall 2013’s models exited their shows, flitted from one to the next, or braved the maelstrom of activity backstage, they took a moment to pause for Marijo Cobretti’s (www.marijocobretti.com) waiting lens. Always able to capture – in stunning portrait form – the beauty and individuality of each model, Marijo brings us 10 of his favourite faces from the Milan fashion week season. Click the…

Burberry Prorsum autumn 2013: an ode to Bailey and co.

I once asked if Christopher Bailey’s genius allowed him to spot trends well in advance of their happening, or if his creativity was so influential that it set them. After Burberry Prorsum’s catwalk at London fashion week yesterday, I’ll settle on ‘genius’. Bailey is a master of reading the social climate from a lifestyle perspective. Doubt it? Try to suggest differently while viewing Trench Kisses,…

Natasha Poly flashes

You’d be hard pressed to find a better pair of legs than those of Natasha Poly (possibly Karlie Kloss), and as such when it cames to flashing them for Steven Meisel’s lens in the campaign for Jimmy Choo’s latest olfactory offering her’s were certainly the correct choice.

10 of the best magazine editorials of 2012

I’ll disclaim from the outset that the title of this post is inaccurate: “best”, when it comes to any form of art, is subjective. There’s no right or wrong on what can be called the best when it comes to fashion shoots, but there’s only so much you can explain in a title so I’ll say it here instead. There are certain editorials that stand…

2013 hairstyles: 2013 haircuts & hair trends

More personal than even the clothes we wear, the haircut and colour we choose says much about us. And, like our clothing, much of that comes down to what's in fashion each season as well as what suits us best. From the haircuts to get in 2013 through to the best styles to wear them with, read on for our 2013 hair trends guide.

Bob hairstyles: a trend to take you into 2015

When the time is right and you need a change, there's nothing quite as liberating as chopping off your hair into a bob. This process of renewal leaves you feeling fresh, and gives you a whole range of new styling options to play with. In 2014 the bob maintains its relevance as a trend - so if you're after a new hairstyle for 2014 and want to brave the bob, it's time to take a look at the bob cuts in now and how to style them.

Karlie Kloss’ new hair: it’s a bob

When a top model gets a haircut, it’s kind of a big deal. A new hairstyle can make or break a model when it changes their entire look (here’s looking at you, Ruby Jean). Karlie Kloss is the latest to go for a drastic change, revealing a short bob backstage at the Victoria’s Secret 2012 show (though it was promptly made more Angel-like by way…