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Jeggings mania: jeans leggings

The new style that celebrities are lapping up is the ‘jeggings‘ trend; but it’s one we’re very wary about. A jean design in a leggings cut is sweeping the industry and high street brands are rushing to get them into their stores fast enough. Some come with coloured stitching, press-studs and pockets to add to the jean effect but other brands such as Rock &…

Adriana Lima + sheer trend = demure yet sexy

We’ve seen many manifestations of the sheer trend in 2008; some gorgeous, some questionable, and some downright shocking (if you want to see a list of them all, visit the main sheer trend article). Adriana Lima managed to make a sheer dress demure, yet still sexy, in a recent television appearance promoting Victoria’s Secret.

Kate Bosworth in bold pink lipstick

While lipstick trends for 2008 and 2009 range far and wide, bold pink lipstick is one trend that is on the rise (read the full make-up trends guide here). Kate Bosworth was spotted last week brightening up an all-black outfit with bright pink lips and a dusting of warm blush.

Makeup, cosmetics & beauty trends 2008

Beauty and make-up trends in 2008 will take their cues from the same eras and influences that are influencing 2008’s fashion and hair trends. From the bright red lips and accentuated eyebrows – channelling the 1930s’ glamour of the Art Deco era – to the neo-bohemian dark eyes and sharp cheekbones – you’ll find it all. Read on, and find out about all of 2008’s…

Sienna Miller does lumberjack check in yellow

Sienna Miller was spotted out and about yesterday in a yellow version of the lumberjack check. If you’ll recall, the trend has been seen on the likes of Natalie Portman, Kate Bosworth, Mary-Kate Olsen and of course Lindsay Lohan. I think the check looks rather more delicate in yellow. So far your votes are heading in a positive direction – but if you haven’t voted…