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13 most iconic swimwear moments in film

They’re equal parts summer necessities and statements of style waiting to be made, and as long as the sun and the beach keep calling, they are more than ready to provide the incentive and ensure that a lady’s shoreline style is flawless. We’re talking swimwear, both sultry bikinis and sexy one-pieces, but the iconic kind that became legendary throughout the decades, as sported by the…

Keira Knightley, Lindsey Wixson in Chanel film trailer

Set in 1913, an upcoming Chanel film by Karl Lagerfeld harks way back to the early days of the brand. The film will be released on May 8th both online and at a premiere in Singapore – the same destination as the upcoming Chanel Cruise fashion show – but until then there’s a teaser trailer starring Lindsey Wixson, Keira Knightley and Clotilde Hesme. Watch it…

Keira Knightley in Burberry

Keira Knightley has always been such a stunner and we expected nothing less from the British actress when she showed up for her Tonight Show interview in LA. The Anna Karenina star looked gorgeous in an emerald green Burberry Prorsum dress. Fresh from the Burberry spring / summer 2013 collection, the dress features a mermaid silhouette and overall lace.

Keira Knightley covers Allure

Keira Knightley has one of those lucky faces that suits pretty much any hair cut, colour and style. The chin-length tousled wavy bob is no exception. These shots for the December 2012 issue of Allure pair that dishevelled hairstyle with immaculately applied red lipstick for a look that’s classic and modern all at once.

Why Anna Karenina x Banana Republic is far from the 1870s

High street collections based on (and timed with the release of) major films raise one fundamental question: that of authenticity. That’s especially the case with endeavours like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo X H&M – the obvious remark being that the target audience of an alternative collection aren’t the types to buy their t-shirts pre-shredded from H&M. But such arguments undermine just how careful…
Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection
Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection
Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection
Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection
Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection
Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection
Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection
Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection

Keira, Mia, Rooney, Scarlett: four actresses, four decades

W Magazine’s latest cover story features not one but four leading ladies, each styled after a different decade. Keira Knightley, uncharacteristically bleached blonde, is the woman of the 2000s, Scarlett Johansson a punked up ’90s vixen, Mia Wasikowska embodies the glam ’80s and Rooney Mara the ’70s. Though photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Edward Enninful these are oddly not the most flattering of…

Keira Knightley, von Unwerth’s dark queen

Accompanying Keira Knightley’s “modern day Guinevere” cover for Harper’s Bazaar UK is a shoot by stylist Cathy Kasterine and photographer Ellen Von Unwerth that channels the season’s Gothic sentiments flawlessly. In one shot Knightley descends a stone staircase in a cloak and winged headpiece, looking very much the medieval queen.

Keira Knightley, the modern-day Guinevere in Chanel

UK Harper’s Bazaar know there’s no better poster girl for the delicately bewitching neo-Goth look than English rose Keira Knightley. She already has the flawless pale skin and dark eyes, so all that’s needed is to coat her shoulders in a blanket of Chanel feathers and match her lips to a dark red rose. Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth and stylist Cathy Kasterine wanted to “transform…