kelly defina


Leonard St: playful prints

Who said Melbourne was obsessed with black? VAMFF‘s L’Oreal Paris Runway 3 was intent on showing that other side to Melbourne fashion that often gets overlooked in the dark-and-edgy pigeonholing. It’s the side of Melbourne fashion that loves to play. And last night the likes of Gorman and Leonard St proved that it has a strong contingent. Leonard St’s prints brought us flocks of winged…

Kolfinna rocks morning-after eyes

Kolfinna Kristófersdóttir oozes such attitude that it’s hard to even notice what she’s wearing. You get drawn in to her elfin features, her intense and knowing eyes – made all the more edgy with the residue of makeup from the Marc Jacobs runway. These shots of Kolfinna in her leather-and-fur ensemble were snapped in the East Village about an hour after Jacobs’ New York fashion week…

Alyona on the rooftop

With hair and makeup “sleek, architectural & androgynous” to match Rad by Rad Hourani’s F/W 2012 collection, model Alyona Subbotina looked ice-cool in the best of ways. Wearing her own off-duty outfit of a tough black leather jacket and bright blue mesh scarf tied into a bow, photographer Kelly Defina snapped these photos of her on the rooftop of the Sun West Studios where…