The hair trend you can look great in every day: soft, flowing waves

While the braids and wet-look slicks and quirky up-dos are the ones that stick in our minds after we leave a fashion show, it’s the most effortless of styles that we turn to day to day. And whether your hair is chin-length, waist-length or in-between, there’s nothing quite so simple yet effective than some soft, easy, waves. As we count the spring 2014 hair trends…

Fall 2014 fashion trends

Fashion trends: whether you want to follow them, ignore them, or rebel against them entirely, the one thing you can’t do is deny their existence. They are alway there, always influencing and always evolving. It’s our position that there are no set rules or laws that govern the realm of fashion. There’s nothing you must buy or must do, and there’s certainly nothing – ever…

Men’s guide: what to wear on a date

Contrary to the belief that getting a date solves out the hardest part, leaving nothing but fun and indulging activities onward, planning the actual date – while putting together the perfect outfit to go with it – could prove to be in fact the most challenging part of it all, to say at least. Regardless if it’s a first, a second or a fifth date,…

Playtime at the Lacoste pool party: Coachella street style gallery

Some brands stick to being about fashion, and some present themselves as lifestyle brands. Lacoste are the latter, emblazoning everything from luxury clothes to everyday polo shirts to shoes and homewares with their recognisable crocodile logo. It makes sense, then, for them to associate themselves with the sun, fun and celebrity of an event like Coachella, hosting their annual “Lacoste L!VE Desert Pool Party” alongside…

Alexa Chung DJs in Lacoste

Alexa Chung is one of those girls who’s always able to inject her sense of personal style into any look. If you couldn’t tell from the iconic crocodile logo, she was decked out in sporty summer garb to DJ at the LACOSTE L!VE 4th Annual Desert Pool Party at Coachella, pairing her Polo dress with round sunglasses and disheveled fringed hair.