linda evangelista


Linda Evangelista for Prada

It’s nice to see the bigger fashion houses turning away from using stars in their campaigns even if it is to the super models of the last decade. Now Linda Evangelista has been given the tap, and will be the face of Prada’s Fall(Autumn)-Winter 2008/2009 campaign. The campaign will be shot by Steven Miesel, quite exciting if you consider the last time they worked together…

Crazy Catwalks and Fashion Enigmas

Fashion isn’t always supposed to be comfortable or practical, especially when it comes from the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London. Big hats, amazing props and tight slinky designs have all been common ways to push the fashion boundaries into new and interesting trends. However there is a fine line between a fashion parade made for the purpose of selling clothes and one designed to…

Futuristic Fashion & Haute Couture

Dolce and Gabanna led Milan’s men’s fashion week with the reinvention of the space aged suit. Abrasive golds and sharp silvers were the common feature colours which presented themselves throughout the show. There was no dispute about the entertainment value of the designs with jaw dropping creations stunning audiences, however were the designs impractical and if so, why dress models in clothing that the normal…

Supermodels Return

And here we were thinking the classic supermodels of the 90s had well and truly had their day. Yet in the past few months they’ve popped up in more places than we would have thought possible, in a strange and unexpected comeback. “Cover Girls” shoot, photographed by Juergen Teller for the September issue of W magazine: