lindsay higgins


Beauty that feels like a dangerous dream (NSFW)

Falling for a woman’s perfect features and flawless body can eventually turn into a dangerous game. Without a happy ending in mind, the femme fatale imagined by Brandon Lyon appears to agree with those who believe that nothing is beautiful and true. With some strangeness added to her lure, and a wicked attitude to top it all off, she doesn’t fear crossing the boundaries of…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

In the hands of The Fates

Are we in charge of our own fate? Or is there someone, some white-robed shadow, tugging on the strings of our destiny and deciding the course of our lives? In Greek Mythology the Moirai were destiny incarnate, three fates controlling the thread of every mortal life from birth to death. Clotho to spin the thread, Lachesis to measure it, and Atropos to cut it when…
NSFW Photo gallery included.