5 orange eye-makeup looks to try this summer

What’s easily the colour of the year in terms of makeup, orange gained even more territory during the summer months, when laid against the bronzed skin it made for a palette of utterly gorgeous looks. And we’re not talking about the orange lips alone, although they still build one of the hottest beauty trends of the season. Rapidly catching up, the orange eye-makeup look is…

Departures, metamorphoses & a good dose of beauty

If you have yet to grasp the fantastic impact makeup has always held on metamorphosis, perhaps you’ll breath it all in today, when faced with Gabi Strama’s glorious work, closely complemented in Weronika Kosinska‘s utter perfect photography. Engaged in intensifying Kasia’s chameleonic features, Gabi’s exquisite beauty alternatives married Radoslaw Galinski’s equally brilliant hair styles, concluding in a gradiental and awe-inspiring take on splendor.
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska

5 hot pink lipstick looks to try this summer

Amongst the 6 lip colours you’ll be needing this summer, a bright shade of pink lipstick is most prone to become your number one beauty ally. The hot and beautiful hues available are countless, the ways to work the statement lips into a makeup look are endless, and as a beauty trend for summer the bright pink lips aren’t anything if not timeless. And that’s…

Emma Watson in Dior, for Dior

The Dior couture fall 2014 show was always bound to net a few celebrities in its front row. Emma Watson was among them, dressed in a creation that was black, white, and perforated.

The baseball jersey gone chic: in Milan

In a bid to milk every drop out of the seemingly never-ending sportswear obsession, fashion has pilfered from every sport possible. Baseball has not been exempt. This street style look featured a Red Sox baseball jersey casually yet somehow quite neatly paired with white ripped jeans and red lipstick.

5 bold brows beauty looks to try this summer

If you worked on perfecting them this past fall and winter, you’ll be happy to know that the bold, thick brows are just as relevant as a makeup trend for summer 2014. This season they are framing nude eyes and looking amazingly beautiful when paired to a bold lip colour. That, if you are all about simplifying your makeup routine, if not, you can still…

Classic white on dark skin: in New York

A classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple for pretty much everyone, but for those with very pale complexions it can take an extra something – a lick of bright red lipstick, the right accessories – to make it truly work wonders. For those blessed with skin like dark chocolate, no such issues of contrast exist. There’s no overstating the brilliance of white on dark…

6 lip colours you need this summer

Summer days may be about a lot of things, about spontaneous getaways and lazy afternoons, about exotic drinks sipped by the pool and weightless garments floating in the wind, but it’s a hot coloured pair of lips that further adds brightness to any memorable moment. From delicate nudes to bubblegum pinks, and from fiery corals to intense reds, here are the 6 lip colours you need…

Daisy Lowe shows how to make your curves work for you

Forgive me for making bodyweight commentaries, but Daisy Lowe is an exercise in rocking curves. It seems, therefore, a valid thing to draw attention to: neither a bust nor a booty requires hiding away, but nor does either require the skimpiest of garments to be highlighted as sexy. Channeling a vintage bombshell aught to do the most justice, if Lowe’s look from London fashion week…

5 ways to style the slip dress this summer

It’s the new take on the 1990s that brought back the slip dress, turning its distinctly minimal look and feel into a staple for the summer of 2014. Short, long, fitted or floaty, the slip dress received many interpretations, but it’s the simple silhouette and skinny spaghetti straps that prevail in assuring you’ll be sporting a clean, chic look this season. If you plan on…