Psychotropic: 60’s Psychedelia meets 90’s MTV

Entering Roger Spy‘s mind and taking a peek at the world as seen through his eyes is always a treat, the kind that calls to be savored, bit by bit, second by second. Accompanied by a bespoke remix of his own composition, ‘Colorful’, his new fashion art music crossover video starring the beautiful Georgie Hobday is a “progressive foray into a rhapsodic world of 60’s…

The 6 summer footwear staples every man needs to know

Hand in hand with the much awaited summer season come the rising temperatures, and with them the scorching heat, which for a gentleman’s wardrobe can only mean a return to all things light and easy: weightless fabrics, breezy silhouettes, summer suits and most importantly, comfortable, breathable footwear. After the break, we cover the 6 summer footwear staples every man needs to know and own for…

The best shoes to wear with flares

The resurgence of the flared pant is the one sure sign that the ’70s are back, and back in a big way. The flattering silhouette can be spotted everywhere from the runways to the streets, meaning that at one point or another you’re most likely going to cave in and try it for yourself, that if you haven’t already. Although in the past, comfort came…