What to do with an empty candle jar

You know how to make a seat from your old magazines, but there’s also that other niggly problem: what to do when a candle burns right to the end. A candle worth having in your home is often one that comes in a little jar that’s as nice to look at as the candle is to smell. Diptyque candles are one brand that you’ll find…

Biker chic with added sweetness

The traditional view of biker clothing is that it should come in any colour – as long as its black. But as a current trend that’s not the case, thanks largely to Burberry’s biker jackets and pants in shiny silver and classic taupe. Luxirare gives us another interpretation by working in a hint of the forthcoming 60s revival with a cute blue and white striped…

Eggnog eggs: a luxury gift-making project

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we make ourselves. The ones we pour a little time and effort and love into, the ones that are totally unique. If you have a little time, patience, and a steady hand then might we suggest these as a luxurious Christmas gift project: eggnog eggs. Formed from white chocolate and painted with edible gold dust, then injected with…