manon leloup


10 off duty model snaps from New York: day 1

We can never tire of admiring off duty models in any season. With the snow on the ground in New York, these girls from day 1 were looking chic in plenty of skinny pants (or, cool metallic leather ones in Manon Leloup’s case), furry hats and layers. At the gallery, 10 photos of models off duty at New York fashion week.

Manon Leloup, leather & lace

You’ve heard it all before: dark and light, soft and heavy, feminine and tough… but whether or not it bares repeating with words, it’s always worth a new visual example. Off duty model Manon Leloup got the idea of contrasts right with her combination of hard black leather and delicate ivory lace.

10 model portraits from Milan: by Marijo Cobretti

As fall 2013’s models exited their shows, flitted from one to the next, or braved the maelstrom of activity backstage, they took a moment to pause for Marijo Cobretti’s ( waiting lens. Always able to capture – in stunning portrait form – the beauty and individuality of each model, Marijo brings us 10 of his favourite faces from the Milan fashion week season. Click the…