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Subtle mind-bending inception

Christopher Nolan’s film of the same name was mind-bending on a kaleidoscopic level. Dreams within dreams within twisted realities sending viewers into a rabbit hole even Alice would be careful not to fall down. In Mark Drew’s Inception, a shoot inspired by those twists and turns, the theme is much more subtle. Each image is marked by a little hint of futuristic intensity; an unusual…
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Social media attack: what David Jones should have done

Putting it mildly, this hasn’t been a great week for Australian department store David Jones. There was the profit downgrade, followed by a slump in the company’s value on the Australian stock market, and then there was the social media attack directed against them that followed. The social media attack wasn’t, however, directly related to their profit nor value downturns, but rather related to the…
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New Zara unveiled in Rome

Yet another reason to look forward to our visit to Italy in the new year (as well as, of course, Pitti and the Milan Fashion Week shows) – it’s another impressive Zara store for us to drop some pennies at. Not letting the heritage of the 120 year old Palazzo Bocconi building get in the way of innovation (a lesson MYER Melbourne could learn plenty…
Pictures of Zara's new store in Rome, Italy
Pictures of Zara's new store in Rome, Italy
Pictures of Zara's new store in Rome, Italy
Pictures of Zara's new store in Rome, Italy

Pacific Brands cancels LMFF catwalks

The economic crisis isn’t just affecting the fashion industry in direct ways; while Australian fashion manufacturer Pacific Brands, which owns the likes of Bonds and Holeproof, may be laying of 1,850 workers they’ve also had to cancel their L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week (VAMFF) parades. PACIFIC Brands has cancelled its shows at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival amid howls of outrage over its huge job cuts.…

Women’s 2009/2010 Autumn (Fall)/Winter Catwalks

The fashion week runways for the Women’s 2009/2010 Autumn (Fall)/Winter collections may be something truly different. In the midst of the economic crisis impacting the fashion industry one can expect smaller shows, fewer catwalks, more upcoming talent as opposed to big name models, and a general cut back in all areas. But that doesn’t mean that we’re going to love these catwalks any less; the…

2008 Hair Trends: Styles, Cuts and Colours

Looking for newer hair trends? Then check out’s 2011 hair trends guide. If you’re after hair trends for 2008, read on! If you’d like to receive all the latest trend updates, subscribe to our free fashion newsletter. 2007 was such a big year for hair trends that it’s not too hard to see why so many hair trends in 2008 might feel familiar. While…

Spring 2007 Trends: Historical Tailoring

If you looked closely enough at the Spring 2007 shows, you might find a faint thread running through which took historical men’s tailoring, and applied it artfully – in new and sleek form – to women. Feminine mini-dresses and flowing gowns may have ruled most of the collections, but the tailoring trends were still making their mark – many in dark colours, with gothic undertones,…