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A fashioniser’s guide to Marrakech

We’ve already shared some of the beauty of the area and its surrounds in our photo diary from Morocco, but when a fashioniser finds themselves in Marrakech (alternatively known as Marrakesh – both spellings are correct), what should they do and where should they go? Away from the most common of tour guides, away from the polish of those guides focussed only on fabricated luxury…

How to build your winter wardrobe on any budget

For the longest time the idea of luxury was associated with a massive wardrobe, the kind where you can easily get lost, or end up losing bits and pieces of your individuality. Sure, the thought of owning every single piece of clothing available out there can be tempting, especially as it forces us to believe that style is somehow directly proportional with the number of…

Bigger, thicker, better: the ultimate guide on how to rock strong eyebrows

They frame your eyes and determine your expression, but ever since getting bigger, thicker and better, bold eyebrows also grew to become a woman's most treasured beauty accessory. Switching from fall's call for drama to spring's longing for naturalness, the bold, strong brows for the upcoming seasons are all about mastering the highlighting effects meant to really showcase their beauty. Read on for the ultimate guide to eyebrows for 2014.

5 ways to indulge in the 1920s trend – without looking like you’re in costume

Suffice to get lost in the pages of “The Great Gatsby” or to have at least watched Baz Lurhmann’s vibrant adaptation of the same book to become instantly fascinated with the Roaring Twenties. Unlike any other decade, the 1920s have a fantasy quality to them that ended up turning the flapper into a romantic notion every woman wants a taste of. The years of 2007…

See, do, read: culture round-up

Sundays were made for lazy breakfasts and late-morning reading; for getting a sense of what exciting cultural events will be hitting your city this week. And so, to help you along, here’s a round-up of some of the events and exhibitions that have flown onto our radar, as well as some good reads to get your brain working this weekend. See them after the break.

Burberry Prorsum autumn 2013: an ode to Bailey and co.

I once asked if Christopher Bailey’s genius allowed him to spot trends well in advance of their happening, or if his creativity was so influential that it set them. After Burberry Prorsum’s catwalk at London fashion week yesterday, I’ll settle on ‘genius’. Bailey is a master of reading the social climate from a lifestyle perspective. Doubt it? Try to suggest differently while viewing Trench Kisses,…