marta streng


Youth you can’t tie down

Youth: so full of hubris, lust for life, the understanding of mortality overwritten by the feeling of invincibility. No matter how much you try and lock youth up, it will always strain against the cage’s wires, desperate to be free, searching for some way to fearlessly experiment with life in the process of finding itself. So Lock the Kids Up Safe Tonight by Marta Streng…

Aleksandra at closing light

Shot as the last days of autumn heat succumbed to winter, this shoot by Marta Streng has two protagonists: model Aleksandra Prytula, and the setting sun. The former poses in outfits styled by Ann Mikitiuk that mix tough and feminine, leather and tulle, sheer and opaque; each standing out for its avant-garde edge. The latter casts its orange glow beautifully across every frame.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

American Gothic revived

The onset of spring and two people experiencing loneliness interlaced with longing. Those are quoted by Polish photographer Marta Streng as fragments of the story behind her shoot Walk of Your Heart. Beautifully stylised and richly coloured, the photos have a vintage veneer that compliments the Colonial-esque styling. Life imitates art in one picture that recalls Grant Wood’s famous painting American Gothic which features a…