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RMIT hoodies are cooler than you think

We’ve all seen those Harvard or Oxford sweaters, but here’s one you probably won’t recognise unless you’re from Melbourne. Julia Nobis did off duty model chic in jeans, a parker, RMIT University hoodie and beanie during Paris fashion week this week.

How to style mid-length curly hair for men

Curly hair on men can be tricky to work with – especially when it’s got some length to it. It’s tempting to go just back to shorter hair. Before you go for that “chopping off” option, it’s worth reconsidering – seeing your natural waves as an opportunity for you to think out of the box and have fun with styling. To help you tame your…

How to pack for the long haul: carry on luggage

Long haul flights are bastard things, of this I can assure you. Having lived in Australia, I’ve become adept at such flights. And not the kind of long haul that sees one fly from London to New York, but rather the ‘across the world’ kind, Melbourne to London, 24 hours sat in the same seat. 24 hours where you run the risk of being the…

How to: raw textured ponytail

To give something texture means that you give it a rough or raised feel. The opposite of smooth and sleek, it’s something that we commonly hear and see in fashion. Texture gives an extra “edge”, a wow factor that makes a piece of clothing stand out and when this is applied to hairstyles, the result is nothing short of eye catching. This concept of using…

How to: half up textured wet hair

Between a free-flowing look and a regular ponytail sits another great and easy option: the half-up hairstyle. The variation seen on the L’Oreal Paris Runway 03 for Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) was one that breathed new life into the style by way of one of this year’s continuing hair trends, namely wet look hair. Responsible for the look were LMFF Hair Directors and L’Oreal Professionnel…

Press Press. Select press. Daniel P Dykes in GQ Russia Tel-Aviv hosts 5 very dedicated followers of fashion “I wanted to know why Israeli fashion is the way it is,” said fashion blogger extraordinaire Daniel Dykes, sipping his cocktail at the super chic and newly-renovated Rothschild Hotel in Tel Aviv last week… By Lauren Izso; November, 2012. Daniel Paul Dykes talks fashion, A look…
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Blazing red: Pitti men’s street style

When last we caught up with Nick Schaerf he was tweeded up for the Melbourne Tweed Ride. Last week we bumped into him on the other side of the world, in an appropriately contrasting look. Decked out in a red double breasted suit, and all the accessory trimmings, Nick held his own against both the Florentine summer and the mass of stylishly colourful Pitti men.

Melbourne cafe scene: Auction Rooms

A powerhouse cafe in a coffee-mad city, Auction Rooms exudes industrial chic both inside and out. Housed in the old WB Ellis Auction House in trendy North Melbourne, it's both a roastery and serious coffee haven, with plenty of great food options to boot. Read the full review after the break.

How to sell 10,000 dresses: Adam Ferrier on The New Consumer

When Adam Ferrier, founder of Naked Communications, stepped up to the podium this week to talk to the VAMFF forum on The New Consumer, he focused on the question of changing consumer behaviour. And he framed up his argument in a very specific way: he pondered the question of how to sell 10,000 dresses. It was just am example of course, plucked from thin air…