met gala


Moving fast, traveling light

Moving fast, all the world a blur, days swiftly morphing into nights, the backdrops changing ceaselessly. A star, a galaxy, a universe trapped inside an endless looped timescape, Jenna transcends, dreaming of earth and being transported, her mind fluid, her spirit turned into energy. And just as she shares her consciousness with everything that is and was, bits of her journey are caught on film…

Who’s that girl: Margarida in Cascais

Some days, some places, beg for you to tilt your chin upwards towards the sky, to soak in the sun and breathe deeply for a moment while time pauses for just long enough to honour the moment. Cascais on a glowing summer’s day – where Elite model Margarida posed for these shots – is one of those places. When you have hair to your waist…

The lone cowgirl who tells a story

A short story about the lone cowgirl, epitomising the quintessential rebellious fashion and attitude that comes with solitude. Photographer Dalton Louis gathers inspiration from the classic punk appearance, and combines this with the red and white-checkered button up shirt, and typical cowboy hat that you would use to define the prototypical cowgirl.

In black and white, a venomous bite

Each of these portraits by photographer Igor Oussenko is given a three dimensional and impactful quality through the continuous use of black and white. Equally striking is the eclectic styling: from contemporary headbands to silken corsets and lace bodices, full sequin dresses and simple print designs, stylist Gala Borzova creates contrast between both a woman’s soft femininity and her sexual and seductive side. Through alternating…

Top 10 wishlist from New York

There are those breathtaking, embellished gowns fit for royalty and red carpets (you can find our picks of 10 such amazing evening dresses from New York here) – and then there are the outfits that strike you as wearable enough to actually add them to your real-world wishlist. As far as the New York fashion week runways went for spring 2014, there were so many…

Punk hairstyles: on trend for fall 2013

The punk rock movement of the ’70s is one that forever left its mark: not just as a music genre but also as a source of inspiration for fashion and art. The punk culture is one that cultivates creativity and breaking out from the mold; which is why a punk inspired fashion collection is usually seen as rebellious, one of a kind and edgy. For…

How to: Thakoon’s starry midnight blue eyes

Blue is a color associated with sweeping skies and crystal clear waters which is probably why one of the biggest make up trends for summer 2013 is blue eyeshadow. The striking looks brought about by blue makeup have created such statements that we can be sure the trend will go on until the fall season – and Thakoon took note of this. What do you…

See, do, read, check out: a Fashioniser’s guide to the weekend

Either people haven’t read The Great Gatsby, don’t get it, or just don’t care: the contradictory nature of all those opulent themed Gatsby parties being thrown right now. Plus, Audrey Hepburn’s much admired street style, and – post Met Gala – the question of punk-as-fashion. After the break, your round-up of things to see, do, read (and maybe even drink) this weekend.