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Stylish armour for your iPhone: iGasm by Henryk Lobaczewski

The great shame in owning an iPhone is that it’s beautifully designed… and yet you have to hide its beauty beneath some protective casing or risk destroying it all together. Hence the emergence of a new need in the marketplace – a need for beautiful iPhone cases. The Dairy are an Australian company that produce graphical, fully protective phone cases – i.e they aren’t stickers.…

Loewe Spring / Summer 2013

Spanish fashion house Loewe are famed for their luxury leather goods, so having plenty of leather on a spring runway makes more sense than it normally would. Loewe’s spring / summer 2013 show opened with a jacket that was a stunning mix of embroidered leather and sheer tulle – and the contrast of femininity and toughness only continued from there.

5 to try: makeup video tutorials of the week

Borrowing from the runway, the red carpet, and the classics: here are 5 makeup video tutorials from the week to inspire your beauty routine. Visit the full post after the break to learn how to recreate a Marilyn Monroe look, achieve Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Met Gala look, as well as Charlotte Ronson’s spring 2012 runway beauty look.

5 nail art tutorials to try this week

If you have any flair with a nail polish brush – or even if you don’t – getting a little creative with your nails is like an art project in itself. If you feel like rocking something a little different this week here are 5 nail art tutorials to try, from newsprint transfers to cosmic nebulas. Watch them after the break.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: retro infusion at the Met

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s Burberry dress for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art 2012 Costume Institute Benefit has an understated kind of glamour, with its full sleeves and delicately trailing train, it’s hand-embellished collar and soft copper shimmer. But once you add a pair of drop earrings and a chic up-do the whole thing takes on a kind of Mad Men-style 1960s feel; more to both the brand…

Cara Delevingne in black Burberry for the Met benefit

There’s nothing quite like a red carpet look that turns heads, and yet melds seamlessly with the wearer’s own personal style. For that, Cara Delevingne is fast becoming unofficial Queen. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2012 Costume Institute Benefit, Delevingne wore an outfit that reflected her beauty as an English rose with it’s full velvet skirt and cowl neck, and yet simultaneously was laced…

Kitty Grace’s otherworldly offerings

Powering through the galaxy and on to the Perth Fashion Week (SFPFW) runway, Kitty Grace (formerly of now-defunct label Illionaire) showed a legion of fearless, futuristic females in looks that ranged from overtly sexy to unexpectedly understated. Models with super-saturated makeup and powdercoated hair strutted as best they could in gold platform sandals that seemed determined to fall off (with more than one girl ending…

Alexi Freeman ‘Rock Star’ collection: out of this world

Alexi Freeman makes his words work hard for their wages. The title of his latest collection, Rock Star, is toiling overtime to wrap two meanings into it's mere handful of letters: defining the collection by drawing reference to both rock stars of the musical and of the celestial stage. On the whole the aesthetic of Alexi Freeman's autumn / winter 2012 collection oozes rock appeal: shiny gold lamé, metallic foiled leather, tops with sheer mesh panels, and heavy black coats punctuated by gold press studs are all modelled by Australian Kate Peck with the right wattage of rock-chic cool.

A tale of far away worlds

Ray Bradbury once said that “science fiction pretends to look into the future but it’s really looking at a reflection of what is already in front of us“. I had no idea where to begin when describing this shoot by Marjolein Audrey Banis, so I suppose that’s a good a place as any. It’s the magic of science fiction; of alien beauty that’s one with…
Elke van Eyck by Marjolein Audrey Banis
Elke van Eyck by Marjolein Audrey Banis
Elke van Eyck by Marjolein Audrey Banis
Elke van Eyck by Marjolein Audrey Banis
Elke van Eyck by Marjolein Audrey Banis
Elke van Eyck by Marjolein Audrey Banis
Elke van Eyck by Marjolein Audrey Banis
Elke van Eyck by Marjolein Audrey Banis

Arthur Galan strong hues & suit rules @ MSFW

Despite designing for both genders, Arthur Galan will probably always be better known for his menswear offering with suiting springing to mind when the designer is mentioned. Yet men’s suiting is always hard to judge on a catwalk of Melbourne fashion week‘s size, the fits of off-the-rack suits are seldom perfectly attuned to the torso of each model parading them. Thus it’s harder to judge…