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5 shimmery smoky eyes to try this weekend

There’s still a little bit of summer left to hold onto for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, but as the weeks go by, our minds, wardrobes and make-up kits are slowly starting to embrace the change brought on by another wonderful fall season. Shifting the focus from day to night, these 5 smoky eye makeup looks are quite the timeless statements to…

5 kohl pencil looks to try this weekend

Just when you thought makeup was going to stick to being all about clean lines or soft, smokey looks, spring 2013’s beauty trends took a turn towards the smudgy and grungy. Various looks using kohl pencil on the waterline – or otherwise – made their way onto the runways. Following on from that theme, here are 5 video tutorials for using kohl pencil to create…

5 weekend reads: talking to Mila Kunis, Carolina Herrera & Daniele Cavalli

James Franco interviews Mila Kunis, Carolina Herrera shares her favourite things, and Daniele Cavalli talks about following in his father’s footsteps… Plus, what was the inspiration behind F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous character Daisy Buchanan, and what makes a dress more than a dress? After the break, 5 weekend reads.

Mila Kunis’ sexy side for GQ Russia

A smokey-eyed, bikini-clad Mila Kunis covers the August 2012 issue of GQ Russia. The styling difference between this and her Elle UK cover for the same month is quite vast – both striking, but one aimed at a female market, one at male. It’s not hard to tell which is which.

Mila Kunis gets papped for Miss Dior

Playing the role of an elegant young starlet in the limelight, having to stay poised and gracious in front of a flurry of photographers, mustn’t be too much of a stretch for Mila Kunis. She is exactly that, after all. Only in the new campaign for Miss Dior, styled by Carine Roitfeld, she’s taking her style cues from the 1950s.
Mila Kunis for Miss Dior ad campaign
Mila Kunis for Miss Dior ad campaign
Mila Kunis for Miss Dior ad campaign
Mila Kunis for Miss Dior ad campaign
Mila Kunis for Miss Dior ad campaign
Mila Kunis for Miss Dior ad campaign
Mila Kunis for Miss Dior ad campaign

Failures of 2011: the celebrities who made magazines bomb

Does Sarah Jessica Parker's face make you pick up a magazine? How many people will whip out their credit card at the mere sight of Lady Gaga? Box Office power is one thing, but these days its also an annual tradition to look at who was the greatest power of celebrity - as measured by magazine sales. So who were the failures and successes in 2011?

Win: movie tickets for Friends With Benefits

Mila Kunis. Justin Timberlake. A storyline that promises to keep us entertained and laughing heartily for a good couple of hours, probably with a few heart-warmed tears thrown in for good measure (it’s a romantic comedy, after all). We hardly need to say more as to why we’re looking forward to the release of Friends With Benefits, which comes to Australian screens on August 18.…