The Fifth Label “The Loft” lookbook

Vibrant blue denims, cool layers, and a chicly minimalist vibe are on offer in the latest lookbook from The Fifth Label. Titled “The Loft”, it’s the perfect example of what can be achieved with high quality basics, a few key statements, and some inventive styling.

9 textured chunky sweaters every cool girl needs this winter

That cold weather implores for warmth and comfort in the wardrobe department is by no means news, and on those days when the temperatures seem to rally up against you, know that you can trust the feel of a soft, relaxed, chunky sweater falling effortlessly against the skin to beat anything and everything. To make things all the more exciting for fall / winter 2015,…

25 awesome accessories to gift this Christmas

If you’ve got winter on your mind, you’ve definitely got Christmas on your mind, and if you’re thinking about Christmas you’re not doing it properly if you’re not currently working on a wish list, one to be filled with all kinds of pretty things for you, and more pretty things to gift to all of the stylish ladies in your life. We’re thinking luxe on…

Beautiful, minimal: in New York

The idea of going minimal might conjure up images of tailored, colourless, Scandinavian outfits. But keeping it minimal can mean many things, it just depends on your interpretation. This outfit is minimalist in the sense that it features effortless pieces in block colours with minimal accessories or prints. And it manages to pull it all off with an inkling of retro sophistication.

Bikyni Resort ’15 look book

So simple and yet so refreshing, Bikyni credit themselves with having reinvented the classics, and it’s credit well deserved. Minimalist swimsuits like these – that aren’t “overdesigned or overpriced” – need little introduction. The brand’s resort 2015 collection does it’s own talking. Titled “Castaway”, you can see more at the gallery.

Lines, angles, shapes: the beautiful geometry

A little bit of rigid sharpness, a sprinkling of artistic flavor, modern lines pushed into retro polish and a whole lot of darling femininity: clean, minimal, colourless, a beautiful sum of lines, angles and shapes, the stern geometry continues to dazzle in the universe of make-up, envisioned anew by Roxzahne Matthyse. Lensed in black and white by photographer Lara Pretorius, and starring beautiful muse Tiffany…

Elka Collective’s easy summer pieces

As the southern hemisphere gears up for the heat of summer 2015, Elka Collective launches a collection perfectly set with breezy pieces and effortless vibes. Minimalist cuts pair with easy prints and block shades, styled with bare feet and rustic straw hats, in the collection’s lookbook.

21 coats you need in your life this winter

Basic or statement, fashionable or functional, colourless or colourful, plain or printed? Take your pick, the rest matters less because all of these attributes serve to shape the outerwear styles trending this winter. What’s truly important when seeking that one perfect coat for you instead is for it to be able to marry the practical with the stylish while complementing both your aesthetic and your…