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First pics: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

It’s as much anticipated for its high energy performances and props as it is for the actual lingerie… and each year Victoria’s Secret delivers something that’s as bouncy and glittery as you can possibly imagine. While this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show won’t be broadcast until Tuesday, Dec. 4 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, that doesn’t mean we can’t get some sneak…

Miranda Kerr rocks a choppy blonde bob

The hair may not be real, but Miranda Kerr‘s beauty is. So suggests the title of her latest shoot for Vogue Italia – A Real Beauty – which was photographed by Tom Munro. The atypically blonde hair, choppy and with a thick fringe, actually suits Kerr to a tee. But then, doesn’t everything?

Charlotte, way back when

Speaking of long-lost shoots, a la Hannah Glasby by Antony Nobilo and Miranda Kerr by Laurent Darmon… here’s one from the (figurative) dusty shoebox of Dennis Veldman. Veldman took the shots of model Charlotte in the earlier days of her modelling career. Eva Koegenboeg styled the shoot with a mix of vintage and modern pieces – a disco-ball silver skirt and sheer blouse, a flapper-esque…

Keeping photos for a rainy day: Hannah Glasby

Sometimes shoots get lost. Like old photos in a dusty shoebox, they’re tucked away for safekeeping – not to be forgotten, but to only be brought out again when the time is right. Like the Miranda Kerr nudes that photographer Laurent Darmon suddenly decided to release into the wild of the internet earlier this month, or these shots of a young Hannah Glasby as photographed…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Miranda Kerr poses and plays nurse to Terry Richardson

It’s very easy to get caught up in the strange things Terry Richardson does, and the discussion about whether or not they actually constitute fashion (or art of any kind). So let’s not go down that track right now in relation to the video he posted of Miranda Kerr administering a B12 shot direct to his backside. Instead here are the photos of he took…

Boots but no clothes: now it’s Natalia Vodianova (gallery + video)

Knee high boots may be in, but apparently so is pairing them with very little else. For campaigns and shoots, at least. This shot of Natalia Vodianova is from Stuart Weitzman’s fall 2012 campaign; while the other naked-yet-booted images we refer to are those of Miranda Kerr’s booty in Harper’s Bazaar US.

Miranda Kerr shows her booty

If you doubted that knee high boots were back in fashion for fall / winter 2012, you might want to hear what Harper’s Bazaar US have to say on the matter. Or rather, see what they have to show. A boot editorial in their September 2012 issue features no clothing, just a naked Miranda Kerr in some of the season’s hottest boot styles. Givenchy’s knee-covering…

Miranda Kerr: from a campaign to the street

Such is the value of street style to brands that most fashion houses liberally give away their next season clothes and accessories to the models who have just walked their catwalks. That value is seen more than two-fold if the model in concern catches not just the eye of street style photographers but also the paparazzi. Hence models such as Miranda Kerr don’t simply front…