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10 cosy-chic hats to add to your winter wardrobe

Definitely not the friendliest season to dress up for, winter still takes the points when it comes to imaginative layering, to unexpected juxtapositions of styles and to one-of-a-kind accessories. From the latter category, hats are usually the first things to spring to mind as means of breathing some new life into your winter outfits. And seeing how the simple addition of a hat can totally…

10 skincare products every girl should have on her shelf

It’s true what they say, natural beauty starts with a glowing complexion. And while a balanced diet and the drinking of extra water may serve as foundation for a beautiful, healthy skin, getting that ultimate radiant glow is also a matter of putting together the ideal day-to-nigh skincare routine for you. The do’s and don’ts for better skin are many seeing how skincare is so…

7 ways to revamp your office wardrobe in 2015

If the start of the new year brings along the opportunity to revamp your entire wardrobe, make sure your work staples won’t get overlooked. Perhaps now is the perfect time to sharpen up and refresh your office closet with those chic and smart pieces sure to make you eager to get dressed in the morning. After the break, 7 easy ways to revamp your office…