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Hotpants + boots: things best left to models?

I’d love to sit here and tell you that absolutely anyone can pull off a tiny pair of denim hotpants worn in tandem with thigh high boots. But some combinations are better left grounded in reality, and that reality happens to be that this look is best left to long, toned, modelesque legs. By all means, if you feel game to try it, why not.…

Alexander Wang x H&M debuts in New York

The date is set for November 6. That’s the date that the world will go a little crazy for H&M, when the high street will be reduced to a collective Alexander Wang-induced swoon. Wang’s collaboration for the high street giant debuted last night in New York, where the Armory on the Hudson was transformed from track and field to runway. Designing for the masses didn’t…

Thrice the beauty

In the New York summer, the streets during fashion week are a tangle of long tanned limbs and effortless off duty model outfits. Case in point: this shot of three natural beauties pausing for a photo outside one of the shows.