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How to rock your Nike sports bra when you obviously have no intention of working out

If, per chance, you’d been wondering how to rock your Nike sports bra as part of a cool, respectable outfit to be worn away from the gym, I have good news for you. Or not so much news as this picture, which says it all. A sporty-luxe ensemble of sports bra showing through from under a semi-sheer sweater, effortlessly half tucked into a leather skirt.…

The off-duty tough boys: New York

Looking at their faces, you’d think there was a rival gang of neo-Teddy Boy tough guys waiting at the other side of the road. But there’s no gang fights about to happen here, it’s just a bunch of male off duty models with rolled-up sleeves, classic wayfarers and biker jackets crossing a New York street.

A female Fonz lights up in New York

I don’t remember when this was taken: only that I took it on a summer’s day in New York. Sometimes photos of cool women lighting up cigarettes while balancing a jacket over their shoulders just get lost in your archive. And then you stumble back across them and a thought flits across your mind that, what with all that shiny black skirt and classic white…

Joan Smalls in Givenchy

At yesterday’s 11th Annual ‘Keep A Child Alive’ ball in New York, Riccardo Tisci was honoured for his philanthropic work. At the same time, his designs for Givenchy were worn by a host of guests including Madonna, Alicia Keys and Kanye West. Model Joan Smalls wore this sweeping chocolate brown, crystal embellished number from Givenchy spring 2015 paired with darkly romantic makeup and diamond stud…

Sporty, the Abbey Lee Kershaw way

Blending grunge with sporty-chic, the Abbey Lee Kershaw way. We don’t see so much of her these days, but Australian model Abbey Lee is still rocking her distinct style: in New York it was an Adidas sports bra with black pants, boots, and a crucifix necklace.