niklas hoejlund


Bits of interior luxury, lavish fashion galore

When creative imagination intersects the uniqueness of design, when the world of fashion collides with that of architecture, when bits of interior luxury translate to heaps of lavish ensembles, you come to understand that everything that’s beautiful in shaping our realities is connected in one way, or another. Captured by Niklas Hoejlund for Harper’s Bazaar Interiors, the most amazing details defining Fritz Hansen’s furniture inspire a…

Bare skin, black lace, sheer sensuality (NSFW)

With bare skin being such a strong incentive all on its own, there are hardly any other elements out there, able to give prominence to something that’s already coming to sight as a major highlight. But  when opposite worlds collide, even the highest contradictions are expected to dissolve into fireworks; just imagine a shard of inky diaphanous lace juxtaposed to a hint of black leather,…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

When the ultra-cool side of sportswear prevails

Pump up the sleek and the minimal, but retain the subtle feel of luxury, forget all about the field limits and choose to take the athletic influence out on the streets instead. When the cool side of sportswear prevails, put together in such fantastic manner that’s nearly impossible to ignore, everyone is tempted to skip the game and go directly for the prize. In this…

Eclectic styling clashes to get inspired by

Maybe it’s dark eyes the look requires; a mysterious soul upon which it relies. Maybe it’s that strength in a set jaw and unwavering gaze… whatever the reason, it’s impossible to pass by. Cristina Mantas carries off this eclectic character like no other. Stylist Maria Angelova is expert at clashing styles and prints (yes, the great irony of eclectic styling is that it takes skill…

Leather & nudity served with a side of kink (NSFW)

The fewer the clothes, the louder the message, specifically when every hint of bareness is served with a good side of kink. Descending into a world of fetish and sexual fantasies, photographer Niklas Hoejlund brings the drama into what already is the dark universe of desire. Leather, fur and fishnet garments take center stage in the editorial turned erotic fantasy, where bondage and S&M still…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

A modern maiden covered in the city

The urbane colours of black and white set the tone for this fashion photography shoot done by Niklas Hoejlund. With each portrait creating its own fashionable tale he creates the frames and focus that could turn this into an iconic sense of style, and set of photography if ever one was seen. Large and embellished pieces of material form the basis of each outfit, creating…

The re-revolution of the punk rocker pretence

Today we witness the ultimate testament towards modern fashion’s interpretation of punk style with this striking photography shoot. This predominantly accesorised and heavily styled shoot features the enduring and reviving notions of that heavy punk decoration, including one that Givenchy did much to make an icon of.

Emotion laid bare: Sara by Niklas Hoejund

She may be half-naked, true – but in this portrait series by Niklas Hoejund, model Sara Maria comes across as less erotic and more haphazard, like her mind is somewhere so distant she forgot to get properly dressed this morning. There’s something sensual in that, though, in the wayward nature of being a little vague and messy-haired; of being a bit out of focus to…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Playing peek-a-boo

There are black and white nude shoots aplenty, but not all come with the drama and visual impact of one by Niklas Hoejlund. Another well-established concept enacted with ease and grace, Hoejlund’s shoot of model Katrine Damgaard plays peek-a-boo with bare skin and black fabric, obscuring and revealing body parts as the billows of black unfold.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

The darker side of menswear

A rock-star worthy attitude meets the darker side of fashion in a dramatic photo shoot captured by Niklas Hoejlund for Client Magazine. The black and white picture story evokes a sense of savagery that is effortlessly delivered by model Henrik F through a series of deep artistic moments exuding feelings of oblivion. Going back to the roots, Niklas Hoejlund found inspiration in the primitive simplicity…