Stella Maxwell stars in Urban Outfitters holiday lookbook

It would be hard to pick a favourite image from the Holiday 2015 Urban Outfitters lookbook. Stella Maxwell with an airy nude-tone dress and slouchy thigh-high socks, expression all doe-eyed and bed-haired? Stella Maxwell leaning back in an armchair, blue gown parted to reveal long legs and bare feet? Or perhaps it’s Stella in a floral mini shirt dress, 60s style, with a clip in…

5 high-impact metallic make-up looks to try right now

Dazzling metallic eyes, doll-like lashes, and luxurious-looking lips – or the perfect way to do beauty during the cold season. The perennially on-trend metallic eyeshadows can look incredibly stunning during the day if paired to nude lips and cozy layers of knits, and just as stunning come the night, matched to dark lips and delicate jewels. On way or another, they’ll find their way into…

Hear her roar: spotted and mesmerizingly beautiful

The way Michelle Aristocrat understands beauty is infinitely magnified in the way she conveys it time and time again, always captured on a high note, always made extraordinary. Ida Ekman’s make-up only adds fuel to the fire by marrying the powerful with the uncanny with the wild and the magical. Spotted and mesmerizingly beautiful, blonde muse Ryann strives to inspire, the work of art of…

Catching the Chloe mood: in New York

In white crochet lace and tan lace-up sandals you can find, snatched up and held fast to, a distinct handful of the mood from the Chloe runways. It’s a nod to the styles of the 1970s and a breath of the now. And while you might be tempted to aim the sheer skirt to the side of subtlety with nude or white undergarments, you can…

Exclusive: Zoi Gorman chooses the flesh (NSFW)

What do we renounce to fulfil society’s wishes? What part of ourselves do we give away in the quest for beauty and glamour and acceptance? Sure, it’s an intense question to be posing on a Wednesday – or any day – but it’s not exactly irrelevant. In our skin-deep world we’re confronted daily by the conflict between what the world wants for us and what…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Joan Smalls goes naked for Lui (NSFW)

Lui Magazine‘s September issue packs a lot of power. There’s Candice Swanepoel’s nude shoot for the issue, and then there’s a second cover and shoot starring a stripped-down Joan Smalls. Also photographed by Luigi Murenu & Iango Henzi, and with sultry styling by Deborah Afshani, the shoot carries on the modern femme fatale theme with dramatic hair and makeup and plenty of latex. See a…

Candice Swanepoel goes nude for Lui

French men’s publication Lui Magazine never fails when it comes to catching the eye and stimulating the senses. Their September 2015 issue stars a toned and tanned Candice Swanepoel rocking femme fatale styling – and plenty of bare skin. Candice poses nude in some of the shots (after the break) which were photographed by by Luigi and Iango.

5 classic bombshell make-up looks to try right now

Half attitude, half sultry make-up, the classic bombshell look is sexy, slightly dark but ultimately feminine. It usually consists of a pair of smoky eyes and a daring lip, but it can also be interpreted as pink and soft, or totally intense and dramatic. It all depends on the muse you choose to channel. The perfect beauty look to try whenever you feel like unleashing…