Departures, metamorphoses & a good dose of beauty

If you have yet to grasp the fantastic impact makeup has always held on metamorphosis, perhaps you’ll breath it all in today, when faced with Gabi Strama’s glorious work, closely complemented in Weronika Kosinska‘s utter perfect photography. Engaged in intensifying Kasia’s chameleonic features, Gabi’s exquisite beauty alternatives married Radoslaw Galinski’s equally brilliant hair styles, concluding in a gradiental and awe-inspiring take on splendor.
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska
Departures by Weronika Kosinska

Emily DiDonato & Sean O’Pry get hot for V Magazine

Switching the order of things, V Magazine’s 90th issue puts more skin on the cover than in the pages. At least, that’s true of Emily DiDonato and Sean O’Pry’s cover and shoot together, which is nonetheless sexy regardless of whether there’s nipple to be seen. You can see the cover – which was shot by Mario Testino – after the break.

8 awesome makeup looks from couture week

If you think haute couture is all about theatricality and things you can't wear, think again: the makeup on the fall 2014 couture runways wasn't just stunning, it was highly wearable. From bold cat-eyes to deep lips, you might not wear them every day - but these 8 looks will certainly inspire for any occasion.

5 ’90s-inspired makeup looks to try this summer

It is only natural that fashion’s new take on the 1990s came to be so closely followed by a resurrection of the trend in the beauty department as well. From pure grunge to the softest shades of cappuccino, the following ’90s inspired makeup looks appear to share more than the basic beauty elements of the era. It’s Kylie Jenner’s interpretation of the makeup trend to…

Lost in Wonderland lingerie S/S ’15 look book

Lingerie rarely succeeds in being tough and fragile at the same time, but somehow Lost In Wonderland have nailed it more than ever in their spring 2015 collection. Black-on-nude lace looks so soft it might dissolve at your touch, but no piece is quite complete without a metal ring, cheeky cutaway or sly asymmetry. Garter belts with dual rings, and a cutaway bodysuit with high-cut…

10 of the best bras to deliberately show off

A little bit sexy, a little bit sweet, the peek-a-boo play of the season invites you to put forward your best bra and to deliberately show it off during the hot, hot days. Layered underneath a sheer top, an unbuttoned shirt or a sporty tank, the visible bra gains sophistication this summer when cut in delicate lace, and featuring nothing but interesting cuts. Pick your…

5 bold brows beauty looks to try this summer

If you worked on perfecting them this past fall and winter, you’ll be happy to know that the bold, thick brows are just as relevant as a makeup trend for summer 2014. This season they are framing nude eyes and looking amazingly beautiful when paired to a bold lip colour. That, if you are all about simplifying your makeup routine, if not, you can still…

Enraptured silence, blissful solitude (NSFW)

Out of the many renderings nudity gets, its poetic translation is perhaps the most difficult to bring about and convey. Difficult because imagining something utterly sexual being veiled by an actual aura of softness doesn’t come easy. But when it does materialize in front of your eyes, you ought to instantly recognize its dreamlike quality, even when it’s born straight out of a raw sensuality,…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

6 lip colours you need this summer

Summer days may be about a lot of things, about spontaneous getaways and lazy afternoons, about exotic drinks sipped by the pool and weightless garments floating in the wind, but it’s a hot coloured pair of lips that further adds brightness to any memorable moment. From delicate nudes to bubblegum pinks, and from fiery corals to intense reds, here are the 6 lip colours you need…