Hair inspiration of the day: get twisting with these ’90s inspired rope braids

Whether it’s for a hot summer day that you’re looking to get inspired, or perhaps a trip to the beach that requires a super-awesome but equally practical style, Ginta Lapina’s ‘90s-influenced rope braids are very likely to satisfy your creative cravings in the hair department. Done on super-sleek, wet-hair and tied with red cord, this look is the epitome of easy-breezy, cool summer styling, all…

Beauty inspiration of the day: sexy, daytime smudgy liner

Take it from Anja Rubik: there’s no such thing as a place and a time to rock a pair of sultry smoky eyes, you do it when you feel like it, and if you still believe they’re a bit too much for the early hours, you clearly haven’t tried the smudgy liner that takes the on-trend lived-in look and makes it fit for daytime/everyday. Pair…

Beauty inspiration of the day: Olivia Palermo’s bright orange lips

When a berry lip suddenly becomes too dark and moody, and a classic red pout doesn’t feel like the right choice despite its obvious prettiness, when a nude lipstick doesn’t deliver the needed punch anymore and pink means playing it on the safe side, you know you entered that time and space between spring and summer where your look implores for something else. Something bright,…

Sheri Chiu’s raw art-nudes pay tribute to Nobuyoshi Araki (NSFW)

Always raw and descriptive but never one to leave taste and artfulness behind, Sheri Chiu‘s complex show of emotions plays well with her many-sided character, her use of nudity as a means of expression able to tell a different story every time. Paying tribute to Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, Sacha Rovinski lenses a bare-skinned, rough but beautiful Sheri Chiu for Pointsevenmach Magazine’s first issue.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

19 pairs of wedding shoes that will wow you

The perfect bridal accessory doesn’t have to steal from the dress, it has to add to it in ways that will only enhance the magic, just like a perfect pair of wedding shoes doesn’t have to compete for attention but it has to look showstopping and beautiful nonetheless. Because no detail’s too little on such occasion. From the glitter-washed to the luxuriously ornate, from the…

The mystery behind these stunning art-nudes

What do we know about the photographer who took this arresting set of art-nudes featuring the ultimate body muse, Taryn Andreatta? Nothing at all, except that said photographer is male, and that he crouched in the desert sands of some anonymous locale, camera in hand, seeking out the best angles between sunrays and dunes and model. The fact that the photographer and location remain a…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

5 bold & beautiful festival make-up looks to rock this spring

Whether you have them already figured out, or you’re still looking for those perfectly gorgeous festival looks, we think a tad more inspiration on the beauty front can’t really hurt. Worst case scenario: picking out the best few will turn harder, but on the bright side, you can always save the rest for summer. From the super-colourful to the retro-inspired, here are 5 bold &…

Kate Strelkova models Delicious Body’s spring 2016 lingerie

Sky-blue eyes, loose blonde curls cascading over the shoulders, and a flawless physique that stuns in sexy lingerie: it’s this kind of attributes to recommend model Kate Strelkova as the perfect new face for Delicious Body’s spring 2016 campaign. Frilly, feminine but ultimately sensual, Albina Soboleva’s new designs go from red hot to pure white to perfectly nude in enhancing a woman’s silhouette. From behind…
Delicious Body Lingerie Spring 2016
Delicious Body Lingerie Spring 2016
Delicious Body Lingerie Spring 2016
Delicious Body Lingerie Spring 2016
Delicious Body Lingerie Spring 2016
Delicious Body Lingerie Spring 2016
Delicious Body Lingerie Spring 2016
Delicious Body Lingerie Spring 2016

Beauty tip of the day: fairy tale princess makeup revised

“Today, every girl wants to be a princess,” but even if this scenario doesn’t appeal to you, we bet you’ll still find plenty of swoon-worthy reasons to enjoy escaping in Dolce & Gabbana’s latest fashion fantasy. Amongst them, the fairy tale princess makeup revised: fresh, natural, gorgeous, just perfect for spring. To achieve the runway look start with a luminous base, and complement the porcelain…

Eleonora Carisi: a fairy tale moment in Valentino

What happens when you put Valentino and Eleonora Carisi in the same sentence, place or scenario? Most likely magic with a capital M. Taking on Paris during the fall 2016 fashion week season, the street-style darling signed for a fairy tale moment in a sheer nude dress, being perfectly concealed by a paradisaical work of embroidery carrying the label’s unmistakable signature. Loose waves and black sunnies…