Who says that nudity can’t portray luxury? (NSFW)

A glimpse at a shred of gold casting its soft light upon a bare silhouette, the plain sensuality describing a lace cape that’s softly shading a physique of otherwise flawless proportions, and more of the opulent necklaces lining up shimmering stones, oversized pearls and edgy spikes: together they serve to prove that nudity too can portray the idea of luxury, the kind of lavishness stripped…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

5 dark lip makeup looks to try this fall: video roundup

Beauty wise, the best thing you can do come fall is to welcome more of a deep and dark lip color back into your makeup repertoire. Sexy, chic and beautiful, the dark lips should feel all the more exciting after a whole summer of sporting nothing but natural pinks, nudes and plenty of bright orange shades. Paired with subtle eyes, the dark lips can easily be…

Copper eyeshadow: a fall 2014 beauty trend

Once fall settles in, the beauty department tends to cave in to the dramatic, as the colours grow darker, the textures become richer and everything in between is made to look moody and lavish. One of the most remarkable make-up trends for autumn 2014 sees that a balance is being set amid the spectacular influence reaching out from the runway, and the way that same…

5 shimmery smoky eyes to try this weekend

There’s still a little bit of summer left to hold onto for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, but as the weeks go by, our minds, wardrobes and make-up kits are slowly starting to embrace the change brought on by another wonderful fall season. Shifting the focus from day to night, these 5 smoky eye makeup looks are quite the timeless statements to…

This naked Goddess has awe-inspiring curves – and the brains to match

Having witnessed this video of Zoi Gorman posing nude we were already – quite rightly – in awe. Maybe even in love (but definitely in awe). Of Greek heritage, though raised in Scotland and now living in The Netherlands, Zoi manages to infuse every frame with a raw sensuality that’s matched by her impossible curves. And dare we mention she’s a fully qualified civil engineer…
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Bad girls do it better (NSFW)

It’s the sexy bad-girl attitude dressing the open space, the serious look prevailing on Meluxine’s gorgeous face, the half-smoked cigar in hand and the studded choker fitting tightly around her neck, to transform Robert Coppa‘s black and white editorial into an exciting play with temptation.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Elena Perminova poses nude for Vogue Russia

In the strange land where the borders of model, socialite and Instagram celebrity intersect, Elena Perminova is surely queen. Who else might you spot posing nude in Vogue Russia’s September issue? With a Rapunzel-esque side braid and little else, Perminova covers the issue’s beauty supplement.

Awe-inspiring proportions: Zoi Gorman naked on film

Some girls just have those awe-inspiring proportions that seem to defy nature and gravity all at once. Emily Ratajkowski sure springs to mind – and it’s no wonder, given Zoi Gorman’s similar dark hair and jaw-dropping body. Stefano Brunesci ( brings us a film of Zoi posing playfully – and sensually – in black and white.