Reprising a role as a naked Goddess: Taryn Andreatta

The right photographer, the right model, and the ways to create beautiful art out of nudity are endless. No clothes or accessories are needed when Akiss Paraskevopoulos and Taryn Andreatta pool their creative talents; and in a shoot all about pure natural beauty, anything else would only take away from the final product. In the absense of clothing or props or urban backdrops, Taryn’s presence…
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Emily Ratajkowski beyond Blurred Lines: 10 best moments from a meteoric rise

To all the fans of this summer’s hit song “Blurred Lines”, Emily Ratajkowski is the doe-eyed brunette seen cuddling in bed with Robin Thicke. Although her modeling career began way ahead of 2013, it was her sexy yet utterly endearing appearance in the “Blurred Lines” video that helped Emily finally establish a name in the industry. Easily called one of the top 10 models of…

10 of the best magazine covers of 2013

It has been a year filled with hundreds of stunning magazine covers, amongst which some consolidated careers, others became legendary and a few remained nothing but beautiful one-month wonders. What truly separates the best covers from all the rest is really hard to pinpoint, but the magazines to have made the 2013 top 10 are the perfect mix of inspiration, beauty and fashion, with a…

Gisele woos for Juergen Teller’s camera

There’s oft referenced interview in which then-24 year old model Gisele Bundchen declared that she “would never be naked in a fashion picture.” Time and time again, Gisele has proved herself wrong. Impressively so – few figures match the toned proportions that Gisele has reached. Necessarily so – for what is modern fashion without nudity? Yet Gisele’s body work has never been prolific and has,…

Galore’s ‘Erotica’ calendar boldly goes where no calendars have been before

It’s not your usual subject matter, slotting in between the ideals of fashion and the unspoken grit of fetish; and nor does it contain the usual array of slender female models. There are naked bodies, leather harnesses, stilettos and scrawled notes about sexual acts. It’s Galore Mag’s calendar for 2014, themed around Erotica (if you couldn’t tell that from one glance), and it’s comprised of…
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It’s time for you to meet her wild side (NSFW)

Perhaps Nicolas Le Forestier’s photo shoot for Bambi Magazine‘s latest issue comes across as being a little rough around the edges, considering that we are so used to spotting subtlety, delicacy and a certain grace amongst the elements to eventually build a poetic series of nude portraits. But there’s nothing wrong in revealing that beauty also hides a wild side, a raw spirit and a…
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A naked Goddess and dramatic clouds: this shoot has both

How something can be simultaneously so peaceful and so dramatic is a work of alchemy only Akiss Paraskevopoulos could understand. Engineering exactly that contradictory mix in his latest photoshoot starring Taryn Andreatta, Paraskevopoulos’ lens sees his undressed muse as a Grecian Goddess belong to the past, present and future; one who stands tall against the drama of the skies and relishes in the hushed, peaceful…
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Hashtag FITSPO… Alejandra Guilmant naked may just be perfect

Since my gym workouts inevitably lead towards a quest for perfectly toned shoulders, I couldn’t possibly go past posting this shot of Mexican model Alejandra Guilmant. Yes there’s a certain amount of good genes and god-given good luck involved. But yes, hashtag FITSPO anyway. One can only strive. NSFW after the break, a few of David Bellemere‘s stunningly photographed nude portraits of Alejandra.

Diesel’s Playboy calendar has plenty of nudity, not much class

Kate Moss’ Playboy photos have some genuine charm, but when you have Terry Richardson behind the lens you’re bound to end up something equally as ‘Playboy’ themed but rather a lot more… raw. This calendar for Diesel doesn’t exactly reach the same level of class as Mert & Marcus’ nudes of Moss, despite having some beautiful subjects. But then, Diesel are known for being a…
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