Bare metal reflecting pure lust (NSFW)

If you’re one to believe the lack of garments could ever limit a photo shoot, or set some kind of boundaries for the imagination, you have yet to discover a woman’s bare body through Ivor Paanakker‘s visionary eyes. A nude silhouette imagined outshining its surrounding, its sheer reflection substituting a mirrored reality, bare metal echoing pure lust. A myriad of stories to tell, none in need…
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3 covers, each revealing a little more: Kate Moss nude for Lui

It must be tough coming up with new ways to create iconic cover imagery of naked Kate Moss, but Terry Richardson’s unfussy efforts for LUI Magazine do a pretty good job. Even without seeing Moss’ face, there’s the tattoos, the blonde hair, and her name emblazoned across the Director’s chair. In the second shot add in the red soles of a pair of Louboutins; in…

The sexy, sporty and cool undressed (NSFW)

Contrast. It’s the striking exhibition of unlikeness that creates beauty in the most unexpected ways, that keeps things interesting while still extremely relevant, and that thrives upon styles clashing together as if by accident. But nothing is left to chance when the ultimate goal is to continuously redefine the concept of contemporary fashion. Equal parts sexy, sporty and cool, Pablo Curto‘s editorial is built upon…
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Beauty that feels like a dangerous dream (NSFW)

Falling for a woman’s perfect features and flawless body can eventually turn into a dangerous game. Without a happy ending in mind, the femme fatale imagined by Brandon Lyon appears to agree with those who believe that nothing is beautiful and true. With some strangeness added to her lure, and a wicked attitude to top it all off, she doesn’t fear crossing the boundaries of…
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The bare-skinned, modern Amazonian (NSFW)

When it comes to accentuating the bareness of the skin in a way that feels both breathtaking and honest enough to contour a photo shoot, you’ll most likely stumble upon those ethereal, subtle visions of nudity defined by the softest, most dreamlike attitude, or laying on the other side of the spectrum, those empowering and equally sincere portrayals sealed with an edge. The latter, depicting…
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Angelic beauty caught under a dark spell (NSFW)

A world of beauty is a world of contrasts, layers upon layers of disparities meant to be filling your eyes with wonder everywhere you would dare gaze. A bold take on sublime antitheses, Sara Constance’s poetic styling is what allowed Sara-Sofie’s angelic features to bloom into a dark-fantasy sort of beauty, hiding subtle Gothic undertones. Gorgeous, but understated enough to escape the fantasy quality, brimming with…
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Miley Cyrus topless for W: making & breaking images

The great truth of creating a new image – as Vanessa Friedman of the FT rightly pointed out – is that you first need to annihilate the old one. Cue Miley Cyrus unleashing her own wrecking ball onto her Disney image, going for the great fall from grace, before being reborn into what’s becoming an image of high fashion. Marc Jacobs campaigns. This shoot for…

Reminiscing all the things we tried so hard to forget (NSFW)

Made out of flashing colours, or painted in black and white, coming out of the blur, or feeling as sharp as daggers, the things we try to forget, but we can’t, the things we keep on reminiscing are often the ones left to fill the void. Brimming with emotions, with words left unspoken, Tak Takei‘s photo shoot does a wonderful job at capturing moments defined…
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5 ridiculously sexy videos to watch this weekend (NSFW)

Sexiness can take on many forms: it can be playful or genuine, loud or poetic, it can be straightforward or subtle, but no matter what defines it, in the end its impact is roughly the same. Even more captivating if possible, when high sensuality enters fashion territory things are bound to get on the provocative side. Set somewhere between art and fantasy, these 5 ultra-sexy fashion films promise to enrapture you.

Reprising a role as a naked Goddess: Taryn Andreatta

The right photographer, the right model, and the ways to create beautiful art out of nudity are endless. No clothes or accessories are needed when Akiss Paraskevopoulos and Taryn Andreatta pool their creative talents; and in a shoot all about pure natural beauty, anything else would only take away from the final product. In the absense of clothing or props or urban backdrops, Taryn’s presence…
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