Who says that nudity can’t portray luxury? (NSFW)

A glimpse at a shred of gold casting its soft light upon a bare silhouette, the plain sensuality describing a lace cape that’s softly shading a physique of otherwise flawless proportions, and more of the opulent necklaces lining up shimmering stones, oversized pearls and edgy spikes: together they serve to prove that nudity too can portray the idea of luxury, the kind of lavishness stripped…
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This sleek styling is the stuff of desert dreams (NSFW)

Perhaps the white sand dunes of the desert don’t make for the first backdrop to spring to mind when talking high fashion set against an equally high sense of drama. But blooming like a desert flower, both free and wild, effortlessly filling every photograph with movement and life, Fabienne, as gorgeously captured by photographer Andrew Fearman, is all kinds of beautiful dancing her way through…
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No room for anything other than plain beauty (NSFW)

Bambi Magazine‘s distinct take on nudity hides many flavours, each attributed to a specific palette of emotions, none lacking the sensibility we grew accustomed to recognize and be crazy about. The same longing for meaningful simplicity, the same drive to strip the female body of all unnecessary guises, the same thirst to make it all look honest and expressive, breaks through each and every single…
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Freckles made sexy in a sea of black (NSFW)

Serving as undeniable proof that freckles are sexy, that sexy can also be classy, and that classy is the one perfect way to describe the Parisian sensuality, Sebastian Cviq‘s black and white editorial is all kinds of luring and cool. And as if the intense attitude and the wild child stance aren’t enticing enough, there’s also plenty of styling inspiration waiting to be put to…
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Bareness gives, where clothes take away (NSFW)

Sometimes, painting a heavenly atmosphere requires the letting go off all physical things, granting bareness to give where clothes usually take away, allowing the language that is the skin to reveal what some beautifully crafted pieces of fabric tend to cover up and conceal. Because no intimate scene based on a serene mood, involving a bed adorned with weightless white curtains, would make much sense…
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Bianca Balti for Playboy: the hottest Italian supermodel

There’s more than a little blur these days between sex and fashion – and indeed, somewhat paradoxically, between nudity and fashion. So seeing supermodels pose for Playboy doesn’t come as a shock. Bianca Balti looks the classic sex bomb for the July/August 2014 issue of US Playboy dubbed, as she is, the world’s hottest Italian supermodel.

Enraptured silence, blissful solitude (NSFW)

Out of the many renderings nudity gets, its poetic translation is perhaps the most difficult to bring about and convey. Difficult because imagining something utterly sexual being veiled by an actual aura of softness doesn’t come easy. But when it does materialize in front of your eyes, you ought to instantly recognize its dreamlike quality, even when it’s born straight out of a raw sensuality,…
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A prisoner of the senses under the warm, golden light (NSFW)

What’s to be expected when need meets art, when a beautiful naked body meets the warm, golden day light, when something as genuine as the unadulterated expression of desire meets the eye of the camera? A little bit of magic is subsequent to all these idealized elements, each pure, in no need to be censored or disguised as something entirely else, reflecting bits of a…
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A topless Rihanna covers Lui magazine

Lui magazine are steadily taking ownership of the fashion-cum-nudity magazine space. Month after month they have the right people on their cover, the right people within their pages, and photos that get everyone’s attention. And now they have a topless Rihanna on their cover. And then inside they take it up a notch.

A naked body of jawdropping proportions

The internet has become kind of a wasteland for broken promises of things that will (not) cause your jaw to drop or your mind to blow. The real risk – greater than any danger of actual jaw dislocation – is that they’ll simply stop grabbing your attention. But still, if you filter carefully, you’ll some things really do warrant the adjective of “jawdropping” because they’re…
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