Bareness gives, where clothes take away (NSFW)

Sometimes, painting a heavenly atmosphere requires the letting go off all physical things, granting bareness to give where clothes usually take away, allowing the language that is the skin to reveal what some beautifully crafted pieces of fabric tend to cover up and conceal. Because no intimate scene based on a serene mood, involving a bed adorned with weightless white curtains, would make much sense…
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Bianca Balti for Playboy: the hottest Italian supermodel

There’s more than a little blur these days between sex and fashion – and indeed, somewhat paradoxically, between nudity and fashion. So seeing supermodels pose for Playboy doesn’t come as a shock. Bianca Balti looks the classic sex bomb for the July/August 2014 issue of US Playboy dubbed, as she is, the world’s hottest Italian supermodel.

Enraptured silence, blissful solitude (NSFW)

Out of the many renderings nudity gets, its poetic translation is perhaps the most difficult to bring about and convey. Difficult because imagining something utterly sexual being veiled by an actual aura of softness doesn’t come easy. But when it does materialize in front of your eyes, you ought to instantly recognize its dreamlike quality, even when it’s born straight out of a raw sensuality,…
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A prisoner of the senses under the warm, golden light (NSFW)

What’s to be expected when need meets art, when a beautiful naked body meets the warm, golden day light, when something as genuine as the unadulterated expression of desire meets the eye of the camera? A little bit of magic is subsequent to all these idealized elements, each pure, in no need to be censored or disguised as something entirely else, reflecting bits of a…
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A topless Rihanna covers Lui magazine

Lui magazine are steadily taking ownership of the fashion-cum-nudity magazine space. Month after month they have the right people on their cover, the right people within their pages, and photos that get everyone’s attention. And now they have a topless Rihanna on their cover. And then inside they take it up a notch.

A naked body of jawdropping proportions

The internet has become kind of a wasteland for broken promises of things that will (not) cause your jaw to drop or your mind to blow. The real risk – greater than any danger of actual jaw dislocation – is that they’ll simply stop grabbing your attention. But still, if you filter carefully, you’ll some things really do warrant the adjective of “jawdropping” because they’re…
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Bare metal reflecting pure lust (NSFW)

If you’re one to believe the lack of garments could ever limit a photo shoot, or set some kind of boundaries for the imagination, you have yet to discover a woman’s bare body through Ivor Paanakker‘s visionary eyes. A nude silhouette imagined outshining its surrounding, its sheer reflection substituting a mirrored reality, bare metal echoing pure lust. A myriad of stories to tell, none in need…
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3 covers, each revealing a little more: Kate Moss nude for Lui

It must be tough coming up with new ways to create iconic cover imagery of naked Kate Moss, but Terry Richardson’s unfussy efforts for LUI Magazine do a pretty good job. Even without seeing Moss’ face, there’s the tattoos, the blonde hair, and her name emblazoned across the Director’s chair. In the second shot add in the red soles of a pair of Louboutins; in…

The sexy, sporty and cool undressed (NSFW)

Contrast. It’s the striking exhibition of unlikeness that creates beauty in the most unexpected ways, that keeps things interesting while still extremely relevant, and that thrives upon styles clashing together as if by accident. But nothing is left to chance when the ultimate goal is to continuously redefine the concept of contemporary fashion. Equal parts sexy, sporty and cool, Pablo Curto‘s editorial is built upon…
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Beauty that feels like a dangerous dream (NSFW)

Falling for a woman’s perfect features and flawless body can eventually turn into a dangerous game. Without a happy ending in mind, the femme fatale imagined by Brandon Lyon appears to agree with those who believe that nothing is beautiful and true. With some strangeness added to her lure, and a wicked attitude to top it all off, she doesn’t fear crossing the boundaries of…
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