off duty model


The little denim pinafore: in Paris

Somewhere between overalls and a dress, somewhere between tomboy and lolita, is this piece of clothing: the little denim pinafore. Worn with a crop-top underneath and a pair of boots below, it was given a cool look in Paris by this off duty model.

How to rock the cool half-tuck

It doesn’t take much to rock your shirt in a cool half-tuck like a pro. Or like an off duty model, as the case here may be. Just leave one side hanging, a few buttons undone, and do it all with a dash of attitude.

Making a statement with simple stripes

An off-duty model can always teach a style lesson or two when it comes to making a statement out of something as simple as a striped tee. In this case, a pair of short denim shorts and chic pair of sunglasses are the foundation, but the bright yellow bag is what really makes the outfit pop.

Dashing off-duty to sharp city style

Oleg Bagmutski‘s beautiful subjects seem to always manage to glide effortlessly in between secluded, off-the-grid places, and animated streets belonging to the big cities. And while the models may be perpetually changing, and with them the stories so splendidly captured in Oleg’s portraits, you can count on one thing to remain ever unaltered in his photos, and that is the flawless interpretation of style. Regardless…

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Off-duty plaid in Paris

There was a time when tartan prints and sheer fabrics never crossed paths, but that time is long gone. Now, plaids can find their way onto anything. The print and oversized cut lend this shirt-dress a grunge feel, especially when worn with heavy black flats.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it: model off duty

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, so the saying goes – and every good off duty model knows it. The flirty lingerie personality comes out in force with a black lace bralet peeping out from underneath a low-cut singlet, while long legs in short shorts are kept cool and demure in sneakers instead of heels.

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