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14 ways to rock a pair of white sneakers like a street style star

They’re comfortable, cool, and versatile, so it’s no wonder that during the last fashion week season every street style starlet worth her salt was continuing to embrace the trend of fashionable sneakers. And if there’s one thing we couldn’t help but notice, it was that a simple, plain white pair is all you need to complete any look be it during summer or winter. Linda…

Street style: 18 ways to wear the classic black biker

You know how to go all off duty model with your black biker jacket, pairing it with skinny black jeans and black boots. And you know it’s the perfect thing to throw over a little spring dress when night falls. But if you hadn’t quite yet realised the full potential of this wardrobe staple, now’s the time: as these 18 street style pictures attest, you…

Portraits of the young and beautiful

Portraits of pure beauty and raw emotions, taken in spaces unadorned, in colours fading to black and white; portraits of the young and beautiful, made up with nothing but gentle rays of light, the mood laid-back, the entire scene a shout out for the easy and the effortless. Lensed by Nadpod, and starring the lovely Kamila, this entire photo shoot feels like a breath of…
Kamila by Nadpod
Kamila by Nadpod
Kamila by Nadpod
Kamila by Nadpod
Kamila by Nadpod
Kamila by Nadpod
Kamila by Nadpod
Kamila by Nadpod

The model and the melted sky: ModaLisboa

There’s a particular time of day where the sky over the Rio Tejo in Lisbon turns a rainbow of melted sorbet. The light may be dim and not ideal for photographing a subject all in black, but then, such an outfit really only serves to compliment the sky even more. This off duty model posed for me on day 2 of the fall / winter…

Vick Correia: at ModaLisboa

Yesterday marked the beginning of ModaLisboa‘s fall 2015 edition. Under the sweeping arches that line the city’s Praça do Comércio, models walked and stood and smoked and waited. Portuguese face Vick Correia was one of them.

Anja Rubik killing it in thigh high boots

Anja Rubik just has those ridiculous legs, but even without a supermodel figure her off duty model look is one worth stealing. An oversized roll-neck sweater with hair nonchalantly tucked in, paired with thigh high boots and a hint of leg (with sheer stockings keeping some contrast) make for an all-black outfit that’s far from dull. The one addition? A statement bag.

Off-duty naval grazing: Hanne Gaby Odiele

There are some outfits that require a larger-than-life personality and a model physique to carry off. Fortunately, Hanne Gaby Odiele has both of those things and as a result makes easy work of this unusual combination of patchwork embroidery and a barely-there cut. Her off duty model ensemble of a midriff-baring vest and relaxed pants were photographed in Paris.

16 street style looks from London: day 5

The off duty models were bringing that grungy London edge to the streets on day 5 of the city’s fashion week, while for the show attendees things were a little more polished in sophisticated denims, fringed skirts, and overcoats in soft winter pastels. At the gallery, both models and guests in 16 street style photos from London, day 5.