off duty model


The waiting game: at ModaLisboa

The life of a model is calms and storms: lots of hectic rushing around from show to show, being ushered into hair and makeup and rendered a whirlwind of moving outfit changes, and then – waiting. This shot of two models was photographed at ModaLisboa spring 2015.

The off-duty tough boys: New York

Looking at their faces, you’d think there was a rival gang of neo-Teddy Boy tough guys waiting at the other side of the road. But there’s no gang fights about to happen here, it’s just a bunch of male off duty models with rolled-up sleeves, classic wayfarers and biker jackets crossing a New York street.

The young Rapunzel, Milan

There’s no denying that there’s just something gorgeous about ultra-long hair, especially when it’s healthy and natural in colour. It makes you think of fairytales – of Lady Godiva on her horse, naked but for her long tresses; of Rapunzel making a ladder of her impossibly long braid. This off duty model in Milan had exactly that kind of hair, glowing like a halo in…

Orange hair, orange robe: at ModaLisboa

Outside the backstage entrance at ModaLisboa, this red-haired off duty model was getting a breath of fresh air in an officially supplied, vibrant orange and red robe. If ever there was any doubt that such a colour palette could work magnificently against natural copper hair tones, they were instantly dispelled.

Simply gorgeous Malaika Firth

Kenyan-born British model Malaika Firth just has those legs. So between an unfussy long line sweater and a pair of wedged Nike sneakers, you could only say she was looking simply gorgeous.