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Hotpants + boots: things best left to models?

I’d love to sit here and tell you that absolutely anyone can pull off a tiny pair of denim hotpants worn in tandem with thigh high boots. But some combinations are better left grounded in reality, and that reality happens to be that this look is best left to long, toned, modelesque legs. By all means, if you feel game to try it, why not.…

Boy off duty: in Lisbon

With a large proportion of menswear shows, ModaLisboa had no shortage of male models calmly waiting, at any given time, for their next call. Gonçalo Pinto (@ We Are Models) was sitting outside relaxing between shows.

15 outfits from Lisbon: street style roundup

ModaLisboa is as relaxed as the city it takes place in. Far removed from the madding crowds and breathless anticipation of the “big four” fashion weeks, it takes over a small corner of Lisbon with minimal fanfare and a chilled-out vibe that only the Portuguese can seem to truly master. The street style, for the most part, is reflective. From show attendees to off duty…

Striped: Luis Borges off duty at ModaLisboa

I first shot Luis Borges at last season’s ModaLisboa, standing out from the crowd courtesy his unique sense of personal style. The same could be said for Luis yesterday at day 1 of the Lisbon fashion week’s spring 2015 edition. Bold stripes, oversized cuts and a hint of gold jewellery were all so right for that modelesque face and cool fuzz of black hair.

Hello, legs: model off duty

A pair of tiny sporty mesh shorts and a crop top might not sound like the sort of combination you’d wear with platform heels. But when you’re a model, your midriff is beyond toned and your legs go on forever, pretty much anything goes. That, and the fact that the shorts are high waisted, keeping the outfit elegant.

Off duty model friends: in Paris

Exiting a show never looked so relaxed or effortless as these two off duty models make it look. The half-undone leather overall against a fluffy pink knit made for a particularly striking combination.

Thrice the beauty

In the New York summer, the streets during fashion week are a tangle of long tanned limbs and effortless off duty model outfits. Case in point: this shot of three natural beauties pausing for a photo outside one of the shows.

9 cool off-duty model looks from London

What can you expect to see when it comes to off-duty model outfits? Probably some cool skinny jeans, some casual-cool boots, maybe a crop top or two. And so without any major surprises – though still plenty of gorgeousness – here are 9 such model street style looks spotted in London.