off duty model


Urban Zorro: off duty in Paris

Someone once left me a comment on a photo of this outfit that simply said: Flyest. Zorro. Ever. It stuck with me because, it’s face it, that’s a pretty cool compliment. That’s the power of a black sombrero cordobés; a wide-brimmed, Spanish style hat. The one worn by this model has the creased crown of a fedora and a chain band that makes it feel…

Wet, black and edgy: in Paris

An all-black outfit benefits from a mix of textures: sheer layered under opaque in layers of varying lengths, in this case. This off-duty model’s edgy wet look hairstyle added extra attitude. She was photographed during Paris couture week.

Wind-blown beauty: Daphne Velghe

In my archive somewhere is a whole series of photos of Daphne Velghe, taken on this windy day in New York and deserving of being turned into an animated gif. In them the wind sweeps past, picking her dress up with it, Daphne clutching at the floral folds of fabric and leaning forwards in beaming guffaws. She had the lightening reaction time to save her…

A touch of plaid: off duty in Milan

A simple, understated winter look can always benefit from a touch of plaid, whether it’s Burberry or Burberry-esque in classic beige and charcoal tones. Worn with a simple black bag and boots, this model was photographed after the Laura Biagiotti show in Milan.

Bette Franke after Cavalli

The most flawless mix of masculine and feminine, Bette Franke’s off duty model style mixes slouchy pants and loafers, boyish wet hair and masculine attitude, with her full lips and feminine peachy skin.

Yasmina Muratovich off duty in Milan

Back when winter had a firm grasp on Milan – during the menswear fashion week – I ran into the gorgeous Yasmina Muratovich (@ Next Models), who happened to be sitting next to me at a bakery on Via Tortona. She looked incredibly gorgeous and effortless in casual clothes and no makeup, proving the value (as models always do) of a classic aviator jacket and…

RMIT hoodies are cooler than you think

We’ve all seen those Harvard or Oxford sweaters, but here’s one you probably won’t recognise unless you’re from Melbourne. Julia Nobis did off duty model chic in jeans, a parker, RMIT University hoodie and beanie during Paris fashion week this week.