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Male model street style: 6 standout looks

It’s sort of a given that the streets during Paris men’s fashion week will be filled with slender tall boys in t-shirts and hoodies – boys who manage to stand out for their beauty despite their simple choices in clothing. None the less, some male models go a little bit above and beyond in terms of their off duty street style, opting for cool ripped…

Classic white on dark skin: in New York

A classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple for pretty much everyone, but for those with very pale complexions it can take an extra something – a lick of bright red lipstick, the right accessories – to make it truly work wonders. For those blessed with skin like dark chocolate, no such issues of contrast exist. There’s no overstating the brilliance of white on dark…

The Narnia effect: in Paris

Glitter and cat-eye liner: it’s a power-packing combination that came together in Chanel’s sparkling eye makeup look from the fashion house’s most recent couture show. If you thought it would only work with airy whites and pastels, here’s another off-duty model sporting the makeup post show. Doesn’t it work oddly well with the wintery, furry brown jacket and knit scarf? It’s all a bit snow…

The model winter uniform: in Paris

It’s a combination you’ll spot on many an off duty model come winter, and with good reason: it’s easy to throw on, and practical to travel around the world with. The uniform: a pair of skinny jeans, flat boots, and an army jacket.

Outfit detail: the anchor tattoo

This little detail caught my eye: the anchor tattoo, originally a symbol for seafarers and sailors, now a traditional marking availing itself to anyone with the attitude to wear it. This off duty model was wearing layers of all black and long, wet-look hair, the tattoo matching her look. You can see the full outfit here.

Choose Love: in New York

Little need be said about a shot like this one, that features off-duty models and street style photographers casually doing their thing in New York: the slogan tote does all the hard work in conveying a message. Choose Love.

Off duty attitude: Svea in New York

“Off duty model” is as much an attitude as a situational status. As least you can easily believe as much when looking at models like Svea Berlie who marry effortless cool with a model physique. Way to give a cropped shirt and denim cut-offs a bohemian edge: plenty of jewellery, headphones, and a long-linen cardigan worn off the shoulders.