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10 cool ways to dress up a classic ponytail this summer

It’s the go to hairstyle for both the laid-back summer days, and for the fancier nights; it holds the power to look divinely classy without requiring complicating techniques, and it may build upon simplicity but it’s still set at the very core of this summer’s key hair trends. We’re talking about the trustful ponytail, but we’re thinking about new cool ways to dress it up.…

6 easy hair tips for surviving summer

It’s enough for someone to whisper the word summer for an avalanche made out of nothing but beautiful images to occupy their mind in a matter of seconds. Amongst them: endless beaches, blue waters, never-ending nights, clear skies, sun-kissed skin. There’s no place for frizzy hair, or dry end problems in that delightful sequence of happy thoughts, and maybe that’s the way it should be.…

The futuristic whites unfolding

What could possibly compete with a sequence of silhouettes that take it upon them to mirror the future? Bringing forward the all white, minimal and cool, introducing ladylike lengths spiced up with super sexy cut outs, alongside austere shapes spoiled with plenty of intricate details, Jar Concengco’s ultra bright photo shoot is an ode dedicated to the things to come, unfolding futuristic layers into a…
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco

8 awesome makeup looks from couture week

If you think haute couture is all about theatricality and things you can't wear, think again: the makeup on the fall 2014 couture runways wasn't just stunning, it was highly wearable. From bold cat-eyes to deep lips, you might not wear them every day - but these 8 looks will certainly inspire for any occasion.

9 of the best headbands to get you through summer

If the hair trends for summer 2014 taught us anything, it is to definitely try and liven up our favorite hairstyle with some amazing hair accessories. And amoungst these hair accessories, a dainty headband, both pretty and elegant, is perhaps the easiest one to work with for the season. From flowy maxi dresses and sophisticated evening gowns, to boyfriend jeans and basic tees, trust the…

How to match your watch to your suit

It is the most worn accessory piece by men, but despite that, a watch should still come across as a testimony of style, and nothing like a timeless design to further emphasize this statement. When it comes to watches and suits, some things are clear cut and obvious, like the fact that a dress watch is supposed to be small, discreet, elegant. Other actions instead,…

How to make your own DIY sea-salt spray for summer

If there’s one summer hairstyle that works year in and year out, it’s beachy waves. Who doesn’t want to at least feel like they’ve spent the day basking in the sun, regardless of what occasion is at hand? And with flowing waves particularly adored this season, it’s high time to have the best ever stash of sea-salt spray at your disposal. Make your own, and…

5 DIY face masks for dry skin using only natural ingredients

Every type of skin comes with its own share of problems. Those of you familiar with the discomfort dry skin causes are also aware of its tendency to flake easily, of its loss of radiance and overall unhealthy appearance. The homemade facial masks using nothing but natural ingredients from your kitchen are the best way to add moisture and a fresh-looking glow to your dry…

Here’s how you can recreate Lara Stone’s amazing textured plait right now

A little bit vintage-inspired, very much effortless: this textured plait well and truly caught our eye when we spotted it in the pages of Elle France’s July 2014 issue. Worn by Lara Stone, the brilliant thing about the style is that it’s so simple, yet so effective – and you can create it for yourself with these easy steps. For more summer 2014 hairstyle tutorials…