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10 super-simple tricks for organizing your wardrobe

Out of sight, out of mind. Nothing rings truer when it comes to a modern wardrobe that holds anything and everything, but never quite exactly what you’re looking for. If the inside of your closet is all chaos and clutter, little does it matter that it holds the bag you worked so hard to get, or all those sartorial numbers you invested in, because in…

9 sporty luxe pieces to shop now

You can always count on sports luxe to be adding that ultimate touch of cool to your current wardrobe, particularly if you love your outfits to look equal parts effortless and on-trend. And while the full-on, athletic vibes aren’t for everyone to carry with ease, the silhouettes walking the fine line between sporty and sophisticated are a whole different story. After the break, 9 sporty…

Farewell to a legend: David Bowie’s 15 most iconic fashion moments

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” David Bowie‘s words continue to echo in a world that feels infinitely poorer as we say farewell to a legend. Mod teenager to dapper gentleman, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Halloween Jack, The Thin White Duke, rock star and fashion icon, David Bowie leaves an entire legacy behind, an immeasurable gift…

10 super-flattering swimsuits for a curvy figure

While the northern hemisphere is still bundled up in cozy layers, trying to get the hang of dressing fashionably for the cold, the southern hemisphere rejoices in summer’s warm temperatures, which means blue skies, beach days and on-trend bikinis, basically the stuff of dreams. And while seemingly uncomplicated, dressing for the beach often means figuring out the type of swimsuits best fitted for your body…

9 back to work outfits to wear now

Christmas holidays are a fading memory and for all the working girls it's time to get back into 9-to-5 style in a way that's exciting and inspired. From the ultra-sophisticated to the smart-casual, here are 9 outfit ideas to try now.