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What to wear to the beach: 11 outfit ideas

The perfect beach attire should be built upon a precise mix of femininity and comfort, of lightweight fabrics and clean cuts, of chic silhouettes, bold colours and fun prints. It should also feel easy, and just the right amount of sexy without letting go of its elemental delicacy. But above anything else, the ideal beach outfit should look effortless, like not much thought has been…

9 beauty fixes that you can rely on for instant sex appeal

You're about to head out the door, but something is just missing. You need that one little quick beauty fix to amp up your look. In need of ideas? Here are 9 quick beauty fixes that are sure to raise your sex appeal level to new heights.

Rhiannon bared on film is enough to hold anyone’s attention (NSFW)

Peter Coulson wanted to create some art suitable for the short attention spans of the modern social-media inflicted youth, so he indulged in some fast flashes and choppy edits and put together a video captivating enough to hold even the most distracted eyes. Enlisting his muse Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg yet again, Coulson’s final product is both spellbinding and sexy – as are the accompanying stills.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

10 women’s pieces you can buy now and wear into fall

As the fall 2014 fashion trends are slowly bearing down, there’s no better time like the present for those living in the northern hemisphere, to start thinking smart about their future summer purchases, more specifically about the way these purchases will eventually transition into autumn. After the break, we’ve put together a list of 10 trans-seasonal items that are more than appropriate for the hot…

10 cool ways to dress up a classic ponytail this summer

It’s the go to hairstyle for both the laid-back summer days, and for the fancier nights; it holds the power to look divinely classy without requiring complicating techniques, and it may build upon simplicity but it’s still set at the very core of this summer’s key hair trends. We’re talking about the trustful ponytail, but we’re thinking about new cool ways to dress it up.…

6 easy hair tips for surviving summer

It’s enough for someone to whisper the word summer for an avalanche made out of nothing but beautiful images to occupy their mind in a matter of seconds. Amongst them: endless beaches, blue waters, never-ending nights, clear skies, sun-kissed skin. There’s no place for frizzy hair, or dry end problems in that delightful sequence of happy thoughts, and maybe that’s the way it should be.…

The futuristic whites unfolding

What could possibly compete with a sequence of silhouettes that take it upon them to mirror the future? Bringing forward the all white, minimal and cool, introducing ladylike lengths spiced up with super sexy cut outs, alongside austere shapes spoiled with plenty of intricate details, Jar Concengco’s ultra bright photo shoot is an ode dedicated to the things to come, unfolding futuristic layers into a…
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco
Bright White Future by Jar Concengco