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How to properly care for your suit: 11 easy steps

If you’re a man who appreciates quality, chances are you already treat your suits as serious style investments. But respecting and appreciating their importance in shaping-up your wardrobe is not enough, as a collection of good suits also begs to be properly managed, and treated with utmost care. Prone to stretching, tearing and splitting, your everyday suits are made of delicate fibers, which means that…

7 problems curly-haired girls know too well (and how to solve them)

Despite it looking beautiful when slightly softened, and being practically tameless the rest of the time, the curly hair has also gained a reputation for being one of the hardest hair types to style. More prone to breakage, naturally drier, with a tendency to frizz and trickier to keep under control, the curly bounces can however be made frizz-free and totally lovable with the right…

9 ultra-hot bikinis from Miami Swim Week

Why settle for the ordinary when you can always taste a bit of the extraordinary just waiting to happen? Looking ahead to spring / summer 2016, Miami Swim Fashion Week brings about a fresh wave of inspiration, alongside a super-sexy selection of on-trend bikini styles about as dreamy as a summer day. Below, the 8 ultra-hot bikinis from Miami Swim Week you absolutely have to…