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How to match your watch to your suit

It is the most worn accessory piece by men, but despite that, a watch should still come across as a testimony of style, and nothing like a timeless design to further emphasize this statement. When it comes to watches and suits, some things are clear cut and obvious, like the fact that a dress watch is supposed to be small, discreet, elegant. Other actions instead,…

How to choose a hairstyle: tips for men

Choosing a new hairstyle can be an all-in-one intimidating, exciting and consuming experience, but it can also lead to the most unbelievable transformations. Even for a man who prefers to avoid complications, a new hairstyle lies as the perfect excuse to embrace change, to grow into someone better, to reinvent himself when the right time arrives. And with the amount of inspiration surrounding us at…

Perfect doe-eyed, sex-kitten beauty

Every shot in Juan Carlos Verona’s black and white shoot for Bambi’s 14th issue is gorgeous; but only one is perfect. It’s a photo of model Alice Rausch staring directly into the soul of the camera, hair mussed up into a ’60s style bouffant with a curtain of a fringe flicking away from her long-lashed eyes. It’s one of the shots where the naked body…
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Know, see, do: for the fashionisers’ weekend

No matter where you are in the world, the weekend will soon be upon you. That means it’s time for our weekly round-up of entertaining tidbits, the things you need to know, the things you should see (just because) and some places to go if you get bored and feel like shopping at J.Crew, marvelling at a Monet, or getting dressed to impress for a…

Shades of grey: going neutral for spring

With the spring of 2013 marking a return to the basics, the color palette was the first one to experience a switch towards timeless neutrals. But in a sea of absolute whites and bold blacks, gray appeared as a softer alternative and designers abandoned themselves to the idea of a colour “without colour”. As a result, the runways oscillated in between shades, appearing elegant, relevant…
Desaturated for S/S '13
Desaturated for S/S '13
Desaturated for S/S '13
Desaturated for S/S '13
Desaturated for S/S '13
Desaturated for S/S '13
Desaturated for S/S '13
Desaturated for S/S '13

5 industry insights from Mark Fast

It’s not every designer that chooses to focus their attention on a niche technique like knitting. But Mark Fast – Canadian-born, welcomed by England with open arms – has made a lustrous career of it. If knitwear could get any further from being grandma-ish and homely we’re yet to see it happen: Fast’s designs are slim, sexy, shimmering, things. Speaking to Vogue.co.uk’s Jessica Bumpus at…

5 reasons why designer sunglasses are so expensive

Why are designer sunglasses so expensive? Is it purely the prestige of a well-known name, or are they better quality, making them worth the spend? Of course there’s a high degree of subjective opinion here: whether something is ‘worth’ spending money on has much to do with the pleasure you take in the product. But to help inform the decision, it’s worth knowing what the…