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Your bespoke Burberry trench coat awaits

Love Burberry I do. Own one of their trench coats I do not. Paradox? Not so much. Choice paralysis? Definitely. You see, I always encounter something of a conundrum when I enter a Burberry boutique: I either am faced with too much choice or a spate of bad luck. So it is that Burberry offer me up so many variations of their trench coats that…

Nick Wooster talks tattoos

There’s no doubt that Nick Wooster is a sharp dresser, but one whose sartorial influence extends beyond clothes and accessories. To my eye, Wooster is equally as likely to influence a gent’s decision to get a tattoo as he is to influence his the rules that help compose his autumn / fall 2011 wardrobe. So it is that Esquire magazine asked Wooster about his non-cloth…

Weekend read: Tom Ford on being Tom Ford

There is Tom Ford’s rule for success and there are his 5 ways to be a gentleman. In short, there are now plenty of interviews with one of the most influential menswear designers from which we can glean nuggets of opinions and truths. Today we can add another interview to the growing list, but this is one in which Tom Ford approaches something that A…

Social media attack: what David Jones should have done

Putting it mildly, this hasn’t been a great week for Australian department store David Jones. There was the profit downgrade, followed by a slump in the company’s value on the Australian stock market, and then there was the social media attack directed against them that followed. The social media attack wasn’t, however, directly related to their profit nor value downturns, but rather related to the…

The slow death of retail in Australia

Former Victorian political leader Jeff Kennet touches on rise of online retail in Australia in an opinion piece for the Herald Sun today. And in a country where the cost of living is comparatively high, he’s right to see the problems that overseas online retail poses – it’s going to do a lot of damage to Australia’s high streets and shopping centres. Their make up…

An open letter to Victoria’s Secret

Dear Victoria’s Secret, I respect you. This I cannot deny. It’s a respect that comes largely out of how exceedingly successful at creating your business you’ve been. After all, you’ve created a label that so many people perceive to be a luxury fashion house, and yet it isn’t. For one, your goods are not made by artisans. And then there’s the fact that your stores…
Victoriaâs Secret Bombshell S11
Victoriaâs Secret Bombshell S11
Victoriaâs Secret Bombshell S11
Victoriaâs Secret Bombshell S11
Victoriaâs Secret Bombshell S11
Victoriaâs Secret Bombshell S11
Victoriaâs Secret Bombshell S11
Victoriaâs Secret Bombshell S11

Express: graphic print string bikini

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express. All opinions are 100% mine. If spring is on the way in your part of the world, you may be starting to think about your perfect bikini. But before you get that far, or simply just to cover off on those occasions where you don’t need to pull out all the swimwear stops,…

Anna Wintour on new media

Anna Wintour has clearly got many a thing right in her career, not the least of which has been the meteoric rise of her profile in recent years. Largely spurred on by a novel-cum-film, Wintour successfully maintained her image despite the fact that The Devil Wears Prada portrayed others such as Grace Coddington as the real heroes behind Vogue. When it comes to new media,…

John Galliano’s show cancelled?

Updated: you’ll find more information on the situation at the bottom of this article. Stand outside any Paris fashion week showing and you’ll notice people talking in rather hushed tones before each show. There’s the elephant in the queue, and that elephant is the topic of John Galliano’s sacking from Dior. Be privy to the conversation and you’ll find that people seem to have a…

Alfred Dunhill salon show at LFW

Good news today for those gents who are passionate about luxury menswear with the announcement that British sartorial house Alfred Dunhill will be hosting a salon show during the forthcoming London fashion week (LFW).