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Honor Resort 2014

For being built in a collection that draws inspiration from the easy and drippy silhouettes of the early 1900s, Honor’s idea of resort for 2014 couldn’t have translated to a more modern, more relevant display of garments. Giovanna Randall’s ultra-feminine vision never fails to excite and this season it came baring full sleeves, accordion-pleated skirts, loose shapes and delicate neck-tie blouses.

Know, see, do: for the fashionisers’ weekend

No matter where you are in the world, the weekend will soon be upon you. That means it’s time for our weekly round-up of entertaining tidbits, the things you need to know, the things you should see (just because) and some places to go if you get bored and feel like shopping at J.Crew, marvelling at a Monet, or getting dressed to impress for a…

Naked but not

“Oh, it’s meant to be over the top,” we reassure our friends when they look upon a catwalk with bewilderment. So much of the fashion that hits catwalks is described as ‘wearable art’, made only to fill the wardrobes of the likes of Anna Dello Russo. But what happens when a piece really is wearable art? What happens when the echo of Helmut Newton’s voyeuristic…
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Nefarious distraction at the hands of an enchantress

There is something definitively intriguing about the sexual prowess of a woman. Young or old the sensuality that resides behind a woman’s eye, that look that would let you know of that fire burning inside, it captivates and enthralls. Without any real need for conviction you can understand what it is she is thinking… what it is she is wanting. Fashion is one of those…
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Sylvio Giardina: a composite of dark & light

Find difference and dissociation with this latest fall / winter 2013 collection from Sylvio Giardina. Inspired by the dark sensuality of Leo Delibe’s Lakmè Opera the shoot represents the contrasting notions of classic appeals (with materials of tweed and gabardine) and contentious design (materials associated with fetish style clothing of vinyl, mesh and neoprene), all created within the fashion phase of the 1940’s and 50’s.

Antipodium fall 2013

Sex, lies and video tapes. As we all face a future where we’ll be anonymous for 15 minutes, Antipodium used their 2013 catwalk at London fashion week (LFW) to hone in on the fact that “from spy cams to sex tapes, all of modern life is tracked, recorded, shared and scrutinised.” This we all know. Rag mags are plastered with celebrities who have made a…

Pretty Wild Lingerie is pretty and wild, as promised

The clever ambiguity of the name makes its meaning apparent in Pretty Wild Lingerie’s debut collection: pretty is in the detail, wild is in the attitude. Designed by Iranian born, Belgian educated Firouze Akhbari, the label launched with the single intention of creating the kind of lingerie where each piece is a gift to give or recieve. And really, who wants to pull the ribbon…

Vivienne Westwood fall 2013 men’s

It’s rare for show notes to make no mention of the clothing – or the show – but then Vivienne Westwood is not exactly known for being conventional. Her Milan fashion week (MFW) show was simultaneously a showcase of her fall 2013 collection, and a vehicle for her socio-political agenda: save the rainforests, stop global warming, vive le revolution.

Delisa by Remi Rebillard

A photographer’s trademark often forms in their photography techniques: whether they shoot in black and white, whether their photos are displayed in saturated colour or washed out vintage finishes. Or, they might make particular angles and framings their trademark much like an auteur of film direction does. Remi Rebillard‘s trademarks show up again in his latest work, a naked portrait of model Delisa. Voyeuristic shots…
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