Gigi Hadid poses nude for Vogue Paris

If you wanted to use the words “girl of the moment” in relation to Gigi Hadid, it would surely be with good cause. Hadid has gone from Instagram star to in-demand model, with her latest victory a debut spot on the cover of Vogue Paris. Hadid stripped off (almost) completely, donning only luxury jewels and shoes for one of the March 2016 issue covers.

Olivia Palermo wears plaid and thigh-highs

You can trust Olivia Palermo with the job of looking street style ready come fashion week. During the Paris couture shows she wore this ensemble featuring a plaid dress and on-trend thigh high boots – and yet, despite the combination’s potential to turn into a Clueless throwback or school-girl-gone-bad costume, she kept it completely sophisticated.