pascale oeyen


Bare metal reflecting pure lust (NSFW)

If you’re one to believe the lack of garments could ever limit a photo shoot, or set some kind of boundaries for the imagination, you have yet to discover a woman’s bare body through Ivor Paanakker‘s visionary eyes. A nude silhouette imagined outshining its surrounding, its sheer reflection substituting a mirrored reality, bare metal echoing pure lust. A myriad of stories to tell, none in need…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Sweetness meets pure sex: a painting being brought to life

She hides bits and pieces of the old world within her wide universe, walking lighthearted and easy while bringing together fragments of the past and fractions belonging to a still present. A living portrait wandering amongst old-age paintings, a muse bathed in the warmest light, her presence a fading echo, her body a work of art. Photographed by Ivor Paanakker, Marleen morphs into a dream-like…
NSFW Photo gallery included.