paul smit


Paul Smith autumn 2014: sleepy sophistication

What’s the difference between rolling out of bed in your pyjamas, and getting dressed into an outfit that deliberately looks like you’ve rolled out of bed in your pyjamas? Paul Smith knows the answer, and it’s not as straightforward as you might think. To do it right you need to pay heed to subtleties, like using only the finest silks, mixing panels of prints, and…

Paul Smith men’s: a magic carpet ride

Paul Smith’s runway was a circle of Persian rugs. On it padded desert boots in a tapestry of sandy colours and glitter lace ups that sparkled each time a foot caught the light. This season was a mash of bohemian ethnicity and pure rock ‘n’ roll, perfectly backed by a dreamy soundtrack of The Doors. If there was a shift this season though, it was…

London calling: Jimmy Q

In the very British space between a telephone booth and a red mail box, etched with as much attitude as ink, there stood Jimmy Q: slim suited and meticulously put together. In this moment I considered dropping 9 letters from my surname because, let’s face it, an initial is way cooler. If only that initial happened to be “Q” or “X” or something, and not…