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How to match your shoes to your suit

It takes having a little bit more than a closet full of impeccably tailored suits, or an impressive collection of timeless accessories in order to rightfully represent the league of extraordinary dapper gentlemen. In the end it will always be the mix of tradition and modern taste, of poise, class and quality, of elegance and effortlessness the one to lead to the most impeccable results…

Men’s guide to summer swim shorts

Summer swim shorts. Words that shouldn’t hold a very complicated meaning to them, a subject that should be made fair and easy for everyone, but just like everything else in fashion, it doesn’t always tend to translate to its default simplicity. And contrary to what most guys believe, there’s actually a lot to be taken into consideration before committing to a pair of swim shorts…

The 6 summer footwear staples every man needs to know

Hand in hand with the much awaited summer season come the rising temperatures, and with them the scorching heat, which for a gentleman’s wardrobe can only mean a return to all things light and easy: weightless fabrics, breezy silhouettes, summer suits and most importantly, comfortable, breathable footwear. After the break, we cover the 6 summer footwear staples every man needs to know and own for…