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Leah Johnsen in Kisskill is twice as sexy on film

Sex-appeal is a Peter Coulson trademark, it basically breaths through every single grain of his photographic work, his latest sensual shoot starring the gorgeous Leah Johnsen proving this very point. But if you though Leah posing for Peter in sultry Kisskill lingerie was hot, wait until you see the video: it’s packed with sexy moves and crazy-good beats . Directed by Peter Coulson, you can…

Hotter than hot: Leah Johnsen does Kisskill Lingerie

Hair flowing, eyes talking, body dazzling: in being presented with a hotter than hot Leah Johnsen rocking Kisskill‘s lush lingerie, it almost doesn’t matter whether it’s the brand’s signature sensuality to add that extra layer of hotness to any physique that’s already so close to perfection, or if it’s the killer bodies to actually perfect the impossibly sensual pieces of lingerie. What matters is the…

12 breathtaking fashion shoots from 2014

12 breathtaking fashion shoots from 2014. It’s hard to pinpoint to what truly makes a fashion photo be ultimately described as breathtaking. But it has clearly to do with those graceful dreamy poses that manage to leave us in awe, with those beautiful, ethereal gowns that paint everything pretty, with those indescribable emotions that gain translation within our souls, and with those magical backdrops that…

12 most devastatingly sexy photoshoots of 2014 (NSFW)

Top 12 sexy fashion shoots of 2014. Softness, sensuality, irrefutable sex-appeal; clothes melting into thin air giving way to flawless skin, provocative poses and the best kind of beauty to be put on display. In 2014 we have continued to feature the pure, unadulterated sexy, blurring the lines between nudity and fashion, between fashion and art, all while celebrating the sexuality of the female body.…

A shoot this dramatic is bound to take your breath away (NSFW)

If your heart is beating a little bit faster now, know it’s alright – that is its way of telling you you’re experiencing something marvelous; and if your mouth fells open in wonder, know it’s a perfectly natural reaction for when you’re faced with a view of such glorious proportions. But if your eyes can’t fully grasp the immense beauty they’re presented with, give them…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Sex appeal meets fitspiration: Teisha Lowry

There’s nothing quite like the right use of light and shadow to accentuate the beautiful lines of a toned human body. Peter Coulson lets the light be his paintbrush in this black and white shoot featuring Teisha Lowry; the shadows etching every muscle with intensifying darkness. Adding to the mystery of the shadows is a curtain of messy waves and strong yet unfussy makeup, both…

Rhiannon bared on film is enough to hold anyone’s attention (NSFW)

Peter Coulson wanted to create some art suitable for the short attention spans of the modern social-media inflicted youth, so he indulged in some fast flashes and choppy edits and put together a video captivating enough to hold even the most distracted eyes. Enlisting his muse Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg yet again, Coulson’s final product is both spellbinding and sexy – as are the accompanying stills.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Rhiannon in Kisskill lingerie: the video

You’ve already seen the final products, which – by some good fortune – do appear in the plural. There was Rhiannon in a car in lingerie and then part 2, more Rhiannon in a car in lingerie. The images were shot by Peter Coulson and feature lingerie brand Kisskill, pretty much guaranteeing them as worthwhile viewing. To compliment the photos there’s also a video of…

Rhiannon in lingerie on the back seat of your car: the cure for Mondayitis

That Peter Coulson‘s latest shoot came with the title For Your Eyes Only part 1 was the result of much optimism on my behalf. Not only does any work by Coulson shine like a light through the overcrowded gloom of my inbox, this one was alluding to James Bond films, Kisskill lingerie, Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg, and the promise of more parts to come.
NSFW Photo gallery included.