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Rhiannon in the light of a red moon couldn’t be much sexier

Red Light Moon is the title of the most recent power product from Peter Coulson and muse Rhiannon, and true to its word it features exactly that: a crimson-lit moon. But it’s also oh-so-much more. Though simple in concept, Coulson’s shoot of Rhiannon posing in front of the lunar backdrop is devastatingly effective. Put that down to Rhiannon’s enviable physique and killer poses, and the…
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Portraits of the punk beauty gone rogue

If it wouldn’t be for that peering sparkle in her eyes, for those dark lips that speak of trouble, and for that bad girl attitude that seems to be deep-seated and clearly unacquired, Schanae could easily pass as the epitome of innocence, her angelic features perfect for the unassuming role. But it’s the punk fashion‘s edge with its studded chokers and fishnet tanks to eventually…

Thrill me, kiss me, kill me: Rhiannon rocks Kisskill lingerie

It takes a certain fearless attitude to absolutely kill it in pieces like these. And by ‘these’ we’re talking leather bras, underwear dotted with pyramid studs, shoulder pieces armoured in spikes. Like a smile that hides a devilish suggestion at its corner, a hint of Kisskill‘s dark lingerie speaks more about the wearer than the clothes on top. And this latest set of images brings…
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Amazing body art: the silence of thought, the music of sight

For art to meet its ultimate purpose, to make one feel, imagine, think and eventually understand, it does not need to be accompanied by words, it requires no explanation. Because art can easily become the silence of thought and the music of sight, particularly when explored like a sum of all things beautiful, gifted with meaning, or envisioned in a rather wild setting. A reflection…

The raw sexiness of a woman in men’s clothing: Rhiannon

Sex sells, as the adage so frequently goes, and in the case of this shoot it’s Urbandon‘s menswear that’s on sale, and Rhiannon that’s the sex. Surely any guy would have their attention hijacked by the beautiful blonde, if not by the clothes. And who’s to say girls can’t look even better in menswear, anyway? Particularly in Urbandon’s recycled and reclaimed, rough-edged and patched-together pieces,…
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This graceful shoot will leave you lost for words

Telling stories without using words, awakening the soul through graceful glides, painting a fantasy that doesn’t know of time, nor space. Like still emotions, frozen in one perpetual moment, Peter Coulson‘s photographs lead you to almost hear the violins, summoning the unexpressed desires only to create a vision that can hardly be explained, but that is nearly impossible to resist, to feel.
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Plastic fetish: when the strange, sexual, and beautiful collide

Can something that makes you uncomfortable also be beautiful? Can something that makes you uneasy turn you on? The answer to the second is a matter of personal taste. The answer to the first is, arguably, yes, as art that speaks a message can easily be both. In Peter Coulson‘s shoot Plastic, model Sally Ersch is mannequin-like. Lizzie Sharp’s makeup work leaves her with sunken…
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The epitome of Old Hollywood glamour

In order for a photo story to gain depth and a real meaning, it needs more than the aftermath of a beautiful face merging together with a powerful vision. It also requires a soul, a link able to connect two worlds apart. Evoking the old Hollywood glamour of the 1940s and 1950s, Peter Coulson aligned it all in perfect harmony: Nicole Gregurek’s incredible grace as it…

Greater than Gatsby: where tattoos & tailoring collide

There’s something so fascinating about Peter Coulson’s photography work that at times, even our words fail in keeping up with what appears to be his fearless take of creativity. And it’s the illusive simplicity of his shots that makes the universes he creates come into sight all the more extraordinary. Greater than Gatsby, the clash of styles envisioned by Coulson and stylist Ramzy Nawzar puts…