The centrefold lives – and she’s an angel

The word centrefold – coined, as it were, by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner – is underused in the digital age. Rarely now do we open a magazine to the centre and turn the whole thing around in order to peep that extra-large photo of a pin-up girl waiting to be discovered like a treasure within the pages. For Playboy’s first issue it was a nude…
Serafima by Henryk for Culture Mag
Serafima by Henryk for Culture Mag
Serafima by Henryk for Culture Mag
Serafima by Henryk for Culture Mag
Serafima by Henryk for Culture Mag

Thrill me, kiss me, kill me: Rhiannon rocks Kisskill lingerie

It takes a certain fearless attitude to absolutely kill it in pieces like these. And by ‘these’ we’re talking leather bras, underwear dotted with pyramid studs, shoulder pieces armoured in spikes. Like a smile that hides a devilish suggestion at its corner, a hint of Kisskill‘s dark lingerie speaks more about the wearer than the clothes on top. And this latest set of images brings…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Playboy playgirl: Denni Elias in Milan

If there’s a combination that always wins, it’s a sharply tailored suit paired with a casual printed tee. This goes for both sexes: guys and girls can both make it work. Blogger Denni Elias wore this bold red Sandro suit with a Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Playboy’ tee during Milan fashion week.

Sex kittens, latex and Lascivious: more options for Valentine’s Day

You might feel like being many things this Valentine’s Day – amoung them adored, spoiled, boldly sexy or touchingly romantic; or maybe you’ll just feel irresistibly compelled to channel the soft sensuality of that ever-nostalgic creature, the 1960s Playboy bunny. If the latter, Lascivious lingerie‘s spring 2014 campaign will serve as all the inspiration you need. This season paints a vintage touch across the brand’s…
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5 ridiculously sexy videos to watch this weekend (NSFW)

Sexiness can take on many forms: it can be playful or genuine, loud or poetic, it can be straightforward or subtle, but no matter what defines it, in the end its impact is roughly the same. Even more captivating if possible, when high sensuality enters fashion territory things are bound to get on the provocative side. Set somewhere between art and fantasy, these 5 ultra-sexy fashion films promise to enrapture you.

Diesel’s Playboy calendar has plenty of nudity, not much class

Kate Moss’ Playboy photos have some genuine charm, but when you have Terry Richardson behind the lens you’re bound to end up something equally as ‘Playboy’ themed but rather a lot more… raw. This calendar for Diesel doesn’t exactly reach the same level of class as Mert & Marcus’ nudes of Moss, despite having some beautiful subjects. But then, Diesel are known for being a…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Kate Moss’ Playboy cover

Posing as the classic Playboy bunny, Kate Moss‘ cover for the January / February 2014 issue of the magazine is vintage-inspired goodness from eras past. The cover is for Playboy’s 60th Anniversary Issue and – in bunny tail and ears – Moss does the celebration justice. You can see some of Kate Moss’ playboy photos from inside the issue at that link.

Kate Moss nude for Playboy (NSFW)

Update: extra shots from inside the issue’s pages have been revealed. You can see a further preview below. Doing the rounds on the internet today (unsurprisingly): Kate Moss posing on all floors, tail in the air. It’s the first look at Moss’ feature in the 60th anniversary issue of Playboy – the magazine’s December 2013 issue. Sticking to the iconic Playboy bunny outfit and classic…

Elle Macpherson covers Harper’s Bazaar Australia

“Fabulous at Every Age” is what the August 2013 cover story of Harper’s Bazaar Australia is all about and gorgeous 49 year old Australian model, businesswoman, television host, and actress Elle Macpherson shows to everyone that she embodies just that as she poses nude. In part Macpherson is recreating her famous 1994 Playboy cover with all its bed head sumptuousness and just a pair of thigh…

Ermenegildo Zegna Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

If you want to sell menswear to the current generation you have to have a story to tell. It can be a heritage one, it can be a quality one, it can be an authentic one, it can be all three; seldom is it anything other. Their reputation preceeding them, Ermenegildo Zegna are short on neither heritage nor quality stories. But, with designer Stefano Pilati…