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5 gorgeous spring hairstyles to try this weekend

Flowers and trees aren’t the only ones blooming come spring, as inspiration also flourishes in hundreds of new shades as encouraged by the arrival of a new season. And where cold weather asks for comfort and styles stripped to basic, the sunny days push for a little extra imagination in all areas, hair included. Messy ponytails to relaxed braids and pretty pleated details make this…

Arizona Muse rocks black lace & minimal make-up: in Paris

If you still have no idea of what you’ll wear once winter will be gone for good, we have a feeling that a black lace dress will make it on your list of things to absolutely try this spring. Arizona Muse may be at fault for the sudden surge of inspiration, rocking the ladylike frock with utmost effortlessness. A messy ponytail and minimal make-up help…

Hair tip of the day: girly accessories deluge

They can look deceptively sweet, perhaps a little too whimsical for a grown-up woman, but that is kind of their point charm: scattered like sprinkles on cake, unapologetically fun and in-your face colorful, the deluge of embellished bobby pins at Ryan Lo prove just how easily one can dress-up a basic, low ponytail. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, or stumble upon the perfect occasion to…

5 night-out ponytails to try now: video roundup

High to low, sleek to textured, polished to perfection or rather undone, a cool ponytail can easily enter and rule on evening territory, standing for the unfussy but always chic way to style the hair after dusk. To be dressed up or down, to be turned into an elegant, or rather natural look, now is the time to up your ponytail game. Discover 5 night-out…

Vintage vixen grooviness

We may be moving forward, in more than one direction, but never without taking a good look at the past. No matter how bright the future, how tantalizing the unknown, it’s the sweet sense of romance and the kaleidoscopic nostalgia defining past decades to drag us back again and again. Evoking the high-femininity, the liveliness and the buoyant simplicity of the late sixties-early seventies, Kristie…
Vintage Vixen
Vintage Vixen
Vintage Vixen
Vintage Vixen
Vintage Vixen
Vintage Vixen
Vintage Vixen
Vintage Vixen

Hair tip of the day: finger waves for the everyday

You hear finger waves and you think of those glamorous Gatsby-inspired hairstyles that are no match for the everyday, the kind of looks that can hardly work in real life despite their undeniable allure. However, things are about to take an unexpected turn in fall 2016, when the finger waves are foreseen to shape one of the biggest hair trends of the season. And amongst…

5 tough-girl hairstyles to try now: video round-up

Judging by the spring 2016 runways, the tough-girl attitude is the one to shift towards this season, outfits to make-up to hair. Trust the cooler-than-cool touches to work even if you’re all candy floss and sugar on the inside. All it takes is a whisper of grunge in the beauty department, perhaps a black choker or a pair of boyish boots for the edgy mood…

5 super-gorgeous braided do’s to try this winter

Who doesn’t love a good braid, the kind that looks Pinterest-worthy but that is also uncomplicated enough to be rocked on a daily basis? Luckily, in terms of braids there’s no such thing as mastering too many, in fact it’s kind of hard to keep up with the amount of beautiful braided do’s popping up day after day. That’s why there’s no time like the…