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7 ways to revamp your office wardrobe in 2015

If the start of the new year brings along the opportunity to revamp your entire wardrobe, make sure your work staples won’t get overlooked. Perhaps now is the perfect time to sharpen up and refresh your office closet with those chic and smart pieces sure to make you eager to get dressed in the morning. After the break, 7 easy ways to revamp your office…

10 of the best 1970s-inspired pieces to get you in the mood for spring

This in-between weather describing the month of January may not be the most inspiring to dress for, but it is quite perfect for when it comes to rethink your wardrobe for the new season. Shopping smart means getting ahold of those transitional pieces that you can start sporting as of right now, trusting they will feel just as relevant when spring and summer arrive. Signing…

9 ways to wear a skirt during winter

Winter fashion may be all about comfort and warmth, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing your favorite skirts all throughout the cooler months. With a few tips and tricks, a bit of smart layering and some cozy accessories, dressing up to face the cold can be made into both a fun and an inspiring activity, one bound to leave you looking stylishly put together…

11 secrets to dressing thinner

Relish in the festive spirit while still looking your best, with the help of some simple styling secrets. Looking svelte and slim during the holiday season never tasted so good. Read on for all the tips.