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5 bold brows beauty looks to try this summer

If you worked on perfecting them this past fall and winter, you’ll be happy to know that the bold, thick brows are just as relevant as a makeup trend for summer 2014. This season they are framing nude eyes and looking amazingly beautiful when paired to a bold lip colour. That, if you are all about simplifying your makeup routine, if not, you can still…

A wave of gorgeous make-up inspiration

Perhaps it’s because the eyes have the power to convey an abundance of allusive thoughts with as much as a single glance, that they were chosen to act as the core of spring 2014’s make-up trends. Teasing and seducing like the ultimate femme fatale she embodies, her gorgeous hazel eyes turned a weapon of choice, Alex Cant looks breathtakingly beautiful as photographed by Jessica Horewood.
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood

Off duty grunge girl: after Burberry

I doubt it crossed anyone’s mind during the beautiful burst of hand-painted florals and soft hues that was Burberry’s autumn 2014 show; but the accompanying haze of purple eyeshadow was destined to be a perfect match for some off-duty neo-grunge looks like this one.

Au Jour le Jour Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2014

When Au Jour le Jour’s fall 2014 show notes mentioned “tiny pets”, you knew this was to be a collection for Anna Dello Russo and co. Grown-up girly, it featured socks with chihuahuas on them – paired, of course, with colourful, preppy, high heeled loafers and bare legs – as well as furry coats imprinted with cats. Fashion for the internet generation. Fodder for the…

Paul Smith autumn 2014: sleepy sophistication

What’s the difference between rolling out of bed in your pyjamas, and getting dressed into an outfit that deliberately looks like you’ve rolled out of bed in your pyjamas? Paul Smith knows the answer, and it’s not as straightforward as you might think. To do it right you need to pay heed to subtleties, like using only the finest silks, mixing panels of prints, and…

5 glitter eye make-up looks to try this weekend: video roundup

Sophisticated and more glamorous than ever before, glitter eye make-up is currently being taken seriously, hence its emergent metamorphosis into one of the prettiest statements amoungst spring 2014 beauty trends. As with all things glittery, the key to wearing sparkling eyelids in a grown-up and refined manner is moderation. After all, you do want a dramatic look, but one that comes across fresh and above…

The ultra-luxe look: in Paris

Patricia Contreras doesn’t do anything in halves; it’s all glamour packed into one outfit. Metallic cropped pants, heels, a bustling black furry jacket over a gold chain and lock belt – all capped off with a plum purple fedora – made this look fit for attending a couture show.

10 horse-motif pieces to usher in the Year of the Horse

Fast victories, unexpected adventures and good luck, this is what the year of the Horse (debuting on January 31) is expected to bring along. Perhaps you’re keen on celebrating its promise of good fortune in a fashionable manner – how else? – or you just happen to love the horse’s wild and independent spirit - either way, we need no other excuses to put together a list of 10 horse motif pieces to usher in the Chinese New Year with.

Classic black coat, purple hair: in Milan

Wearing all black is generally considered a sure-fire way to blend in (and to not attract the cameras of too many street style photographers) but there are plenty of ways to stand out even in a classic, vintage inspired combination of all-black-everything. Vibrant burgundy-purple hair is most definitely one of them.