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Top 10 models of 2013

Who ruled 2013, from the runway to the street? It's a tough call, but here are 10 picks for the best models of the year.

Been there done that? Are you excited for another Kate Moss for Topshop line?

Who springs to mind when you think of style icons for the current generation of fashion-loving youths? Cara Delevingne? Rihanna? Any style blogger or model with 100k+ instagram followers? Like it or not, Kate Moss is no longer that one holding that title. She is loved, she is iconic, she is mobbed in the street by photographers and fans (I should know, I nearly got…

Rihanna in Barbados for Glamour Magazine

Rihanna lands the covers of the November 2013 issue of Glamour Magazine. This cover story of Rihanna was captured in Barbados while taking a break from her Diamonds World tour. The Barbadian beauty is sporting a curly hair, kohl-lined eyes and a pair of soft lavender lips which resembles the shade of her MAC Riri Boy lipstick while rocking designer labels like Chanel, Dior, Marc…

Rihanna rocks a Roberto Cavalli men’s jacket

Shopping in the menswear department often yields the best results – especially if the look you’re going for is cool, oversized and masculinely sexy. Rihanna is a girl who knows it, pairing her white pants and striped crop top with a Roberto Cavalli Teddy jacket from the designer’s spring 2013 menswear collection.

5 punk-glam hair tutorials to try this weekend

The persistence punk fashion-gone-glamorous means more than just the right accessories; it means opportunity to play with hairstyles that marry the edginess of the punk movement with the femininity of the now. 2013’s hair trends may not be heavily weighted towards the punky, but that doesn’t mean faux hawks and faux shaved sides can’t fit neatly within your hairstyling repertoire this year. After the break,…

Rihanna is smokin’ for Schon

Smokin is the title of Rihanna‘s editorial for the 21st issue of Schön! Magazine, and – forgive my predictability in saying so – smokin she is. Styled by Mel Ottenberg into sporty mesh shorts and high-cut bikinis, she puts on her trademark bad girl persona for Zoe McConnell’s lens.

Rihanna covers Elle France

Elle France’s April issue marks a relatively classic cover for Rihanna, forgoing the edgy styling in favour of an oriental inspired Prada dress creatively teamed with blue and white stripes.

First pics: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

It’s as much anticipated for its high energy performances and props as it is for the actual lingerie… and each year Victoria’s Secret delivers something that’s as bouncy and glittery as you can possibly imagine. While this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show won’t be broadcast until Tuesday, Dec. 4 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, that doesn’t mean we can’t get some sneak…
Victoria's Secret Show '12
Victoria's Secret Show '12
Victoria's Secret Show '12
Victoria's Secret Show '12
Victoria's Secret Show '12
Victoria's Secret Show '12
Victoria's Secret Show '12
Victoria's Secret Show '12