9 things to eat for beautiful skin

Real beauty shines from within. More than just a metaphor, this simple phrase holds all sorts of truths to it, the kind that blend the all natural into beauty, the very same kind that promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle to go hand in hand with a complete skincare routine, emphasizing that the outside is just a mere reflection of the inside. So in…

5 beauty looks to master this summer: video roundup

With summer just around the corner, your makeup repertoire calls for a proper update, and since a new season strikes as the perfect time to experiment with beauty, we rounded up the 5 looks you should absolutely master during the upcoming months. From the natural to the super colourful, from the vibrant to the glittery, these beauty looks will have you covered for every occasion,…

Art, environment, awareness: The Queen of the Arctic

Czech-Canadian fashion designer and photographer Marie Copps is one of those extraordinary people who believe that art can bring awareness, choosing to express her concern about the causes she believes in in the most creative, beautiful way possible. By joining forces with Miss Earth Canada 2013 Sofiya Chorniy, The Queen of the Arctic project was born, a project meant to help protect the Arctic by…

Sheri Chiu’s wicked game of seduction (NSFW)

For Sheri Chiu and Nicolas Guerin to join forces is for two stimulating, strong, distinctive point of views to smash into each other at full force, the impact bound to project the kind of intense, staggering and impossibly sexy imagery sure to blur all lines between skin and clothing, between art and sensuality. Because nothing can really compete with Sheri’s wicked game of seduction, just…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

10 skincare products every girl should have on her shelf

It’s true what they say, natural beauty starts with a glowing complexion. And while a balanced diet and the drinking of extra water may serve as foundation for a beautiful, healthy skin, getting that ultimate radiant glow is also a matter of putting together the ideal day-to-nigh skincare routine for you. The do’s and don’ts for better skin are many seeing how skincare is so…

A retro-luxe look you can’t go wrong with

It’s not summer in Europe, where I took these photos, but you’d never know it. As if to do justice to this suede-soft chambray playsuit, the sun was casting its warmest, most golden light. Deservedly so: the outfit, for my latest post for Witchery’s W Edit, was giving me something of a ’70s luxe vibe, so a hazy retro glow was definitely in order. The…

Breathe the magic of Saint Tropez

Traveling from Monaco to Saint Tropez, Alexandra Knapp doesn’t mind taking us along as she follows what is her luxurious journey across the French Riviera. Expect to see less of the charming little streets dipped in pastel hues, and more of the sumptuous locations that cater to the fantasy of having coffee by the port, a sweet treat at Laduree, and an even more lavish…
Welcome to St. Tropez by Marijo Cobretti for
Welcome to St. Tropez by Marijo Cobretti for
Welcome to St. Tropez by Marijo Cobretti for
Welcome to St. Tropez by Marijo Cobretti for
Welcome to St. Tropez by Marijo Cobretti for
Welcome to St. Tropez by Marijo Cobretti for
Welcome to St. Tropez by Marijo Cobretti for
Welcome to St. Tropez by Marijo Cobretti for

You can stop hating on Calvin Klein: they weren’t the ones calling Myla Dalbesio “plus size”

Model Myla Dalbesio is a US size 10. That’s a UK size 14 or European 42. She looks healthy and gorgeous in the new Calvin Klein Underwear campaign, but the internet is up in arms about the labelling of her as “plus size”. Comments like this have abounded on Twitter: WTF @CalvinKlein –this is your “plus-size model”? Give me a freaking break! #calvinkleinisclueless But…