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Emporio Armani fall campaign + video

The fall / winter 2013 ad campaign of Emporio Armani is star studded with models Alexandre Cunha, Anabela Belikova, Esther Heesch, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Marlon Teixeira, Nils Butler, and Ruby Aldridge wearing the must see collection of the designer brand for the upcoming season. This campaign features both the men and women’s wear of the brand which includes tailored jackets and vintage inspired bowler hats as styled by Edward Enninful. Renowned fashion photographer Craig…

Ruby Aldridge for L’Officiel Paris

American model Ruby Aldridge looks gorgeous as she poses for the August 2013 cover story of L’Officiel Paris. Ruby shows off some latest fashion trends for fall / winter 2013 on this cover that was photographed by Marcin Tyszka.

Ruby scooting

Sometimes when shows end, models get whisked away as quickly as the shutter click of a DSLR. If you’re lucky, in those moments, said shutter click will capture something of the rush. Ruby Aldridge being scooted away after Dior’s Paris fashion week show, however, doesn’t just look calm and collected, she looks downright cool. Perhaps that’s what off-duty model style truly is; an attitude.
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Boys, girls, skin, layers: Just Cavalli

Designer bohemian never looked so good. Often when a campaign involves a huge cluster of models you don’t know where to look. Things can get too busy. But with Cavalli, that’s really just an exact reflection of the maximalist philosophy behind the clothing – so it works. Boys, girls, bare skin, floating layers, the clothing draped across the bare skin and the girls draped across…

The model faces of now

There are models whose names you well and truly know – they’re in the campaigns of the biggest luxury brands, their faces make regular appearance on the covers of the stalwart print titles. There are models who are breathtaking yet incognito, unbeknownst to the influential casting directors and the general consumer. Then there are those in-between: you may or may not know their names, they…
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Giving in to Gothic

If there’s something proved by this shoot, its that you can make anything feel Gothic if only you add the right amount of dark eyeshadow, dark lighting and tangled undergrowth/feathers/surreal cascades of petals. This shoot has all of that. The brilliant thing about Tabitha Simmons’ styling, though, is that the words ‘Chic Gothic Glam‘ didn’t preclude her from using plenty of colour. Whether it’s a…

The re-rise of Ruby

It’s always seemed to me that the best fashion models have two career high points: there’s the first when they appear on the scene as the next big thing. That’s followed by a lull, where their popularity wanes. Then there’s the re-rise, a time that only models with real influence (i.e. the ability to influence the fashion we purchase) enjoy. Ruby Aldridge is enjoying hers…

Fresh faces: Isabel Hickmann

Like everything fashion-related, models move in trends. A popular face will inspire the success of more popular faces that hold similar qualities. Looking at these shots of Isabel Hickmann, a gorgeous face at Next models, we’re seeing a mix of model-du-jour Ruby Aldridge and actress Keira Knightley: it’s just something about the delicate features, pale skin, and cropped hair.