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10 absurd fashion statements we’re happy never became trends

While it’s true that we all share a certain connection with the past and we have the good old days to thank for some of our all-time favourite fashion trends, think ultra-short mod dresses, Letterman jackets, peter pan collars and cat eye sunglasses, fashion as we know it today would have been a totally different story had any of the following fashion statements emerged into…

Dark beauty: Interview with McQueen’s Sarah Burton

“There’ll always be a McQueen woman. She is a strong woman and she is a powerful woman, and when she puts a McQueen jacket on, she feels different. The way she stands is different. The way she moves is different. It’s almost like the clothes are slightly empowering.” — Sarah Burton Sarah Burton has impossible shoes to fill. Her collection for Alexander McQueen fall 2012…
Sarah Burton: Interview, March '12
Sarah Burton: Interview, March '12
Sarah Burton: Interview, March '12
Sarah Burton: Interview, March '12
Sarah Burton: Interview, March '12

Failures of 2011: the celebrities who made magazines bomb

Does Sarah Jessica Parker's face make you pick up a magazine? How many people will whip out their credit card at the mere sight of Lady Gaga? Box Office power is one thing, but these days its also an annual tradition to look at who was the greatest power of celebrity - as measured by magazine sales. So who were the failures and successes in 2011?

Sex and the City Movie: trying too hard?

Many girls (and guys) are avidly and anxiously awaiting the release of the big screen version of Sex and the City (see the full forum thread of images from the movie here). Well renowned as being an inspiration for it’s costume and styling, the TV series saw many trends shoot to mainstream consumption, and had women world-wide pining for the clothes, lifestyles, and fashion-senses of…

Three ways to wear: the navy blue trend

We’ve spotted navy blue as a trend on the likes of Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss. We could tell you that navy blue looks great in dresses and jackets, but that’s kinda obvious, so instead here are three interesting ways to inject a bit of the navy blue trend into your wardrobe.

Celebrity trend: navy blue

Though black will never really die as a staple, if you’re after something different dark blue or navy is definitely the way to go right now. Navy goes fantastically well with browns, especially brown leather accessories: just check out Rachel Bilson below. Nautical is another way to wear it, just add white and perhaps a splash of red or yellow.

Bitten Range by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing line ‘Bitten’ has managed to grab some attention, but is it just another celebrity line? As reported: What ever one may think of the line, one question must be asked: Can sensibly priced clothing from a down-to-earth actress stand out in an increasingly crowded market for celebrity-branded fashion?