Personal touches: Gianni Fontana

It’s the personalised touches that turn a mere collection of garments into what can be more fittingly termed an outfit: a grandfather’s war medals, passed down the generations, a pair of well-chosen sunglasses that fit the face, a statement colour that suits the wearer’s personality (in Gianni Fontana’s case, a sunny and vibrant yellow). Never one to leave the house any less than perfectly composed,…

Savas handbags: minimalistic masterpieces

In a world awash with mediocrity, the perfect accessory makes the perfect statement. It is both at once purposeful and eye catching. It communicates style and taste but, most importantly, personality. Few statement accessories are crafted for everyone. For some, the perfect accessory is awash with embellishments. For others, it’s a minimalistic masterpiece. Launched over drinks during Milan fashion week, Savas’ collection of autumn 2013…