All fur coats and no knickers

There’s something about being swathed in unrepentant luxury. Fur, it’s shaggy faux counterparts, deluxe shearling – anything that implores tactile interaction from the casual passer by – all fit in the same category. There’s at once the historical association with luxury and the now-cemented condition of being taboo. There’s warmth heightened by a primitive impulse, tactility that’s amplified against bare skin, opulence that’s deepened because…
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Burberry Prorsum autumn 2014: the Bloomsbury Girls

It might have been spring. A billow of silk in hand-painted florals brushing past a bare, sandalled leg. With it, Burberry Prorsum’s London fashion week show opened, welcoming in the season of the Bloomsbury Girl – a girl wrapped in romance, a haze of antique sentiments, and handicrafts. The painterly florals persisted across trench coats, shearling jackets, even shoes. There was something defiant about Christopher…

John Varvatos: sealed with a KISS

KISS, in full makeup. That’s what everyone will remember after leaving the John Varvatos fall / winter 2014 show on a rock’n’roll legend high. The band weren’t just playing over the loudspeakers, they were there in person to help Varvatos take his bow. They’ve been working with the designer on his latest ad campaign, and it was their mythos – that of “the superhero, a…

Top 10 men’s hooded coats
 for autumn 2013

Known for rising many challenges when it comes to a flawless style approach, fall is the season that forces you to combine fashion, comfort and practicality in order to build a perfect outfit that carries spark. The fall / winter 2013 fashion trends are all about making a statement and sometimes a great piece of outerwear saves you a great deal of trouble whenever creativity…

Vintage, new, warm, cool: off duty look

It takes a certain flair for someone to rock vintage and new pieces in way that leaves you unsure of what’s old and what’s new. Mixing a military style jacket and blouse with gold metallic super-skinny pants was this off-duty model in Paris. Keeping in line with the colour palette, a shearling-lined leather jacket. Warm, and cool. Her slouchy buckled boots (which you can see…

Gangways & vintage gangsters: men’s styling inspiration

The Gangways, the passage between land and ship; though Nicholas Harding’s shoot could just as easily be called the gangsters, with his boys having a particular gruffness, an unshakable intensity, about them. In long johns and dog tags, shearling jackets and boots, Joanna Bojanek’s styling perfectly merges vintage men’s looks with current menswear trends to create the kind of tough male characters Hollywood is loving…
The Gangways by Nicholas Harding
The Gangways by Nicholas Harding
The Gangways by Nicholas Harding
The Gangways by Nicholas Harding
The Gangways by Nicholas Harding
The Gangways by Nicholas Harding
The Gangways by Nicholas Harding
The Gangways by Nicholas Harding

Soft meets hard in Milan

The mix between hard and soft is always very interesting. In the case of this look we spotted after the Roberto Cavalli show, soft and hard made their presence known via a patent high waisted skirt and a shearling jacket.

Off duty after Fendi

On the runway, Fendi’s fall 2013 dark lipped beauty look and braided hairstyle were taken to an extra level of punkishness by the addition of a clipped-on fluffy mohawk. That may not have made the most practical look on the street, but the braid alone sure did. A metallic gold knit and shearling-trimmed aviator jacket made for a striking accompaniment to the burgundy lips and…